Are we there yet? (ready for harvest?)

First grow, soil, OG Kush Auto. Looking for a relaxing, but not couchlock.


Pic is wicked hard to see in the close up but it looks like you still got a lot of clear. Just coming into cloudy?? How bout a full pic of bud and of the plant?


I agree, couple more weeks at least, from what I can see in those pictures. She has some swelling to do, yet. :v::slight_smile:

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An overall shot of the plant and one representative cola in natural light would be very helpful.

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You guys are awesome. Yes, she has noticeably swelled the last couple days!

How about a picture??

Had to pull it out of the tent to take pic. Not great, but I don’t know how to get it better! :frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face:

![20191130_140541|281x500] (upload://eNImyDvWD3vFNNHlpBZUeXhhlgv.jpeg)


Yes; you are ready.

Do you have a plan for taking this plant down as in are you keeping in dark for extended time? Water only? Any other prep?

I have been reading up. Last time it was fertilized was two days ago. I was planning on flushing it tomorrow. Letting it get dry again, and putting it in the small tent a couple days after that with no light. Then cut it down with some slight wet trim, hang colas upside down in the small, dark tent with vent and filter on. Any advice?

Btw…Fox Farm Ocean soil, indoor, OGKush auto, led lights. Tent has been running about 64 F at night, 74 during day, 35-40% humidity.

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Run water only while monitoring the runoff. Water to 10% runoff and when the TDS falls below around 200 ppm you can put into dark. 36 hours minimum; 48 is plenty. When you harvest; harvest from a dark room.

I would also strongly suggest doing a bud wash. Look up Jorge Cervantes Bud Wash on Youtube.

:ok_hand: my tap water is over 200 ppm, so I used a gallon of tap, took a reading, (over 300 ppm) then used about .25 gal of distilled. Reading came out to 185 ppm. Put her back in the tent to dry out a bit, and will move her to darkness tomorrow. Thanks @Myfriendis410.

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