Are we there yet? (harvest day 98 from seeds.)

Can I chop these this week. 4 gorilla glue auto plants with seed dropped on 19apr21
I would prefer to do all four same day.
All plants and try home pics are numbered


Number 4 has amber showing. The rest I can’t tell. No amber, though.

Thanks do you think number four could go until next Monday. One more week?

Sure, that’s probably okay.

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@Bullpup I concur with @oldmarine, #4 I’d say is ready to be chopped. Lots of amber there so I wouldn’t let it go much longer as THC is degrading, and you’ll get that couch lock stone. Maybe that’s what you are shooting for?
The other 3 look mostly cloudy but a little behind #4. I guess it all depends on what you are looking for from your medicine. I aim for cloudy with about 20% amber tricomes then chop.

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@Bullpup those are some mighty impressive colas though. Great job! :+1:

Thank you first grow. I asked so many questions here that I can not take credit for it coming out. Next time less plants and a journal.


@Bullpup yeah I keep telling myself I need to start documenting and writing this shit down. Then my head gets all cloudy and I’m looking for the Dorito’s, and nothing gets written down.

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Even though I have been flushing number 4 still has the highest TDS at 2000 run off. I will flush tonight and I guess I will need to harvest in batches. Thank you again


@Packof3 many times when I asked a question and included a picture a would get a surprise guidance. For example if I asked a pH question I would get a turn up the light power answer amongst the responses. I feel many people here input helps teach this art. One day I can pass this knowledge to others. Besides it is a fun hobby.