Are we there yet dad?

Just wondering if experienced growers could tell me approx how far off harvest?
Many thanks


You have to check trichomes on the bud material. Not those tiny sugar leaves sticking out.

But the leaves aren’t amber yet so you prob have a couple weeks. Whole plant pic ?


Thanks for reply. Here are pics of plant and buds. Thoughts?


Your right around chop time. I would just look for any amber on the buds, not the sugar leaves. If you chop the plant with clear trichomes, the high will be a paranoid, racy high. You want them to all be cloudy or milky looking.


Ok cool. Any advantages of letting it go an extra week?

It really comes down to the effect you are looking for. Some wait for some of the
tricomes to turn red/amber, like 20% or so.
Look at Robert’s grow Bible here as well as his harvest guide. They look great!

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Yeah will re-look at that grow bible. Great reminder!