Are we having a problem?


Backstory: First time grower. I had very hot temperatures according to hygrometer. I don’t know how accurate my hygrometers are. They are cheap brands. Burned all my first crop during week 1 because the only light I possess is a 1000 W MH/HPS cool tube and ballast. I have 6.5 ’ of tent and have it in the basement which always feels relatively cool. I have a fan and filter ducted together but I did not add the cool tube so I will be doing that this upcoming weekend. Temps on hygrometer often range from 99-103 Fahrenheit. Today the humidity is really low in tent, usually it’s really high.

Question: Am I heat stressing plants? Are they showing major symptoms of stunted growth? This is early week 2.


Yes temps that hi will cook em in seedling stage, and having low humidity I would put a dome of some sorts on them to hold rh I have also put a peice of tape on the bottom of the cup to disrupt the real intense light


Yeah man you’ll cook em for sure. Gotta get down at least 85 F.
Window unit? Active exhaust? Open vent holes? Anything to get Temps down and air moving
Evan a simple fan to push the heat off the plants


Just a regular light bulb will work best at this seedling stage . Temperature in the mid 80’s is good . Early growth is not seen because the plant is building its root system . You should see some growth in a week or so .


I suggest getting a couple cfl’s tornado bulbs to use during seedling stage. Best to buy daylight 5000k or 6500k bulbs.