Are we harvesting?

Hey guys…this is my baby and from the looks of it i “think” she’s ready for harvest. Majority of her pistils are brown except for that top area where she stil has some to go. Wdyt?


It is looking tasty and I had a problem with new bud growth late in flowering it was due to too intense of light. Have you looks at the THC sacs? I think it is time to start looking at the sacs for cloudy or amber instead of clear sacs. Do a search and you’ll find a tone of threads with pics. Good luck!

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Order this from Amazon, you won’t have to second guess yourself.

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Looks like about 3-4 weeks out still.

You want 85% of all pistols to be receded,
browned and mostly cloudy Trichs.
Your trichs are mostly clear.

@NavyVet420 @IKnowURider @PhillyRock Thanks guys…really appreciate it. This really clarified things. Apologies for the late response.

@NavyVet420 Definitely getting that. Already in my cart.

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Hey guys…so as I’m waiting on my microscope to arrive, I noticed this during pruning and feeding. Its definitely mold and it first started at the bottom now I don’t see them any more. The pics you see now are from halfway up the stock. I inspected, pruned, and removed mold and dead leaves.

Any idea on how to stop this?

Just curious. Where you able to save harvest? Thanks