Are we flowering?

These are my two WW autos. Today is day 22, or three weeks. One is 10 inches tall and the other 11. I think they are starting to flower but I am not certain. Can anyone tell from these photos. If so, should I go to flowering lighting or let them stay on veg a while longer? Should they be filled out more than they are, or will they fill out a lot more in flower? Thanks everyone… great forum!


Pre flowers.

Timing is predetermined genetically.

Not really, they are just showing their sex.

Not necessary/has no effect on flowering autos. But they need more light in general.

Holy stretch Batman! Looks like your lights were too far away and they got tall rather than full. The branches will grow out and should fill in some but there is not a lot of structure to build on.


@HMGRWN has you covered there, what light system are you using?


Well, originally I was going to grow outside, but after we had a horrendous pest investation in the vegetable garden I changed my mind. So, the first light that I bought just for starting them was a cheap LED seen here:

First Light

I had that light 2 inches away from the plants and they did great I thought. Once I decided to keep the grow inside I researched for a better light seen here:

New Light

I think my mistake was in following the new light manufactuer’s instructions for accimating the plants to a LED light, when that was not what they really needed. The stated accimation info was: 3 - 5 days, 30 - 34" away and setting the light at 40% brightness, 10 hr on 14 hr off. Then for Seedlings/young vegetation they state 26 - 30", 12 hr on 12 hr off, at 60% brightness. Perhaps they were already beyond what they mean by “young vegetation” I don’t know. So, as of this morning I put them 26" at 100%. They state vegetation should be 22 - 26", 22 - 26", 18 hr on 6 hr off at 100%. Perhaps I should drop the light down to 22 inches??? For flowering they state 18 - 22", 12 on 12 off at 100%. But now I believe that these instructions are most likely meant for photos, correct. So, suggestions on best move now?

Yup pretty sure they meant vegging vegetables lol.

Preflowers. Id let them grow as they go. Possibly push a heavy veg feed to prolong it a couple days. Maybe even reset light timers to 18/6 again.

U wanna maximize that harvest, the window is closing rapidly for new growth. Push her to her limits and hang that light 20-24 invhes

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We flowering

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I believe they’re just showing sex. Pre-flower

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I stopped listening to the manuals on light percentage at different stages. I always just start them off at a 100% but do follow their guidelines on height. I’d drop em to 23" or so.


Well, your advice makes a lot of sense. I have dropped the light to 21" and placed Mylar around the plants. Do you put the light on 100% when the seedlings pop out and just raise it to 30" or so?

Yes sir. I first had a SF-1000. It called for like 30% light at first as seedlings. I followed this and the correct height. The result was a lanky tall seedling that wanted more light. Next seed and seeds since, I now start the light right at 100% but do follow the height recommendations they call for. If they say 20-26", I’ll put it right at 23". Let the plant get taller, raise the light a little. Keeping it somewhere in the height the recommend.

PS - I only pay attention to vegetative height and flowering height they recommend. I do not follow the ‘for the first 3-5 days, this height’ etc etc. In my experience, seedlings do just fine at the final vegetative heights. @johnnywyoming