Are they still alive?

A friend of mines gave me 2 seeds to grow as my first plants. I germinated them, and after seeing the tap root placed them in an planting cube.

It’s been 4 days, nothing! I used tweezers and gently inspected them. The root is still healthy and white. Are they duds? He didn even know what strain they are. Should I chalk them as failures?

You should put those in whatever medium you will be using and let them do their thing. They are definitely alive right now.

I grow in soil. I would place them in about a half inch and water with a spray bottle. If nothing comes through the soil after 10 days, I begin to get concerned. After another week if nothing is happening I would ditch it as being weak, unless you just feel like experimenting.

Great people here that know more than me and are willing to help. Plant them…

That’s an important and painful point. In the flower industry we call it rouging since plants to be watched and/or destroyed were marked with a red marker on the pot. But destroying weak stock is the wise thing to do. It is a vector for diseases and if kept around may impact your healthy plants.