Are they ready?


I brought back seeds from Jamaica and started them inside in April. I ended up with 2 female plants that are 2 different strains. One has a purple stock and purple in the buds the other looks more common. It is now mid October here in Ontario, the plants are not showing signs of yellowing yet and are green as can be. Temperatures are getting cold at night. <img src="/uploads/growingmarijuana/original/3X/f/e/fe1c55defb3a7d3a0429a0df177540c36397fd3c.JPG

" width=“375” height=“500”><img src="/uploads/growingmarijuana/original/3X/d/7/d71bcb202f4638723cc296088c30913c36f1f1a9.JPG" width=“375” height=“500”>


It’s mid-october here too :wink: …those are beautiful plants ! can’t wait to see please let us know how they are and what you get


This is the purple buds. Plants are over 6’ tall



Got a pocket microscope? Know what the tricomes look like?


I don’t see any gold/brown ones all white. Next week will be mild for this time of year but we have already had 2 minor frosts. Buds are big and healthy. Maybe another week wouldn’t hurt.


Are the trichomes clear or frosty looking mate?
What great plants. Absolutely beautiful.
Id say they still have a few weeks to go. A few more close up pics would be great.
But if the weather may cause damage to your buds you may need to pull early.
Great grow mate.


They are no longer clear and milky white. None are going any darker though. I will wait another week or 2 and judge the weather.


I have one White Widow left , the day temps are at 60 to68 deg. here in upstate NY. the evening temps are getting down to the higher 40 "s,. My plant seems to be doing well through it. Just gave it the last trim today as I was gonna pull it but decided to keep it out a little longer . It was planted in July and just not ready yet, trichs are just starting to go frosty to amber.


Sounds like you are just about done. Worst case is if they call for seriously low temps you could bring them inside. Let them finish in a dark place for the last few days. Everything is looking really nice. Good work.


in order to buyyour self more time ,can you erect a small nite time shelter out of clear plastic ?? Hammer