Are they ready. One has white pistols everywhere

Do they look ready? Very very heavy and one has white pistols all over? Autoflowering 11 weeks.

the one with white pistols should run a bit longer… the one with brown pistols might be getting close…do you have a loupe to check tricolms ?

Not ready.
Pic of plant helps also.

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Yes i do have a loupe. Thank you. That helps

The trichomes are looking just a little cloudy. I’ll get better pics tomorrow. My lights are on now.

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ok great… just keep an eye on them and chop them whenever they get the percentage of amber your looking for… i usually chop between 5 - 10% ambers…

Thank you. Appreciate all the help i can get


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Looks like the one with browning pistils may have pollinated itself. Looks like a nanner in it


They are supposed to be all autoflowering Gelat.OG. omgosh.

What do i do??? Very new to this. Plant it???

I agree that it looks like a nanner. :pensive:

Just let it grow. Worse case scenario at this point is you’ll have some seeds that you can plant.


Looking good. Still many white pistils. Keep doing what you are doing!

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