Are they ready for harvest?

Good morning all, I just wanted to get some advice on my 2 GSC extreme feminized. I am going into week 9 of flowering. Here are some pics of the top cola’s on one plant (didn’t include pics of the 2nd plant because there are still too many white pistols).These plants were planted and grown at the same time. Based on the pics should I harvest or give them another week or so :thinking:.


How about an overall shot of the plant along with one representative cola?

Hopefully this helps.


It looks like you’re close. Using a loupe to look at trichomes may be next. Be sure to examine trichomes on flower calyx and not sugar leaves (which mature faster).


Beautiful flowers, good job!!

A solid week possibly 2 IMO. A mag glass or jewelers loop will help :love_you_gesture:

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