Are they ok any advice?

Week two since popping out the soil an day three for the auto AK. Don’t know what the other 3 are just some seeds I found in my last smoke I got any advice

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I’d think about transferring in to bigger containers for the bigger ones.


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Yes. A transplant for those bigger plants. When plants are rootbound, growth will stall and plant health will deteriorate.

If bag seed, then you will need to watch for males and cull males when identified. Here’s how to tell the difference.

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I’m going to do that today thank’s for the advice do you think the temps are ok?

Ok thanks

@Breed89 I would say so, my canopy temp runs between 77 and 81.

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Same here 77-81 temp an 65-71 rh at day an 71 temp 60 rh at night

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Rh is difficult where I’m at. I’m lucky if I break 55 with a humidifier.


Had the same problem during winter grow I was lucky to get 35% theystill turned out ok but nothing compared to the current grow at average 50-65% so I think you’ll be fine


Those are beautiful :heart_eyes:


Just an update on my first grow. We hit a month today (3bagseeds) hopefully they turn out females. Did my first ever training on plants only time will tell how I did. Fourth feeding for the older ones today an first for the Auto Ak Fem. Hope everyone having a good day an successful grows. @MidwestGuy @GreenSnek @Hayitstrever @Spiney_norman @Mark0427 @Mefis @HMGRWN @Mr_Wormwood @FullyMedicated @Myfriendis410 GROW PORN!!


@Breed89 look pretty and beautiful nice job, and nice lst :+1::relieved:

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Thanks for the support

So I ran into my first problem this morning when getting ready to water I did feed Saturday maybe to much I think @MidwestGuy @GreenSnek @Mefis @Hayitstrever @Mr_Wormwood @FullyMedicated


Not seeing it? They look good to my untrained eye

Did you test your run off and if so how did it look

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They seem to have a little bleaching going on here an there

After watering runoff 1980 what should it be I gave nutes weekend an runoff was a little high to me but I’m new to it 2800 after feeding

Is that the auto or the bag seed?


Just looked a little like preflower but probably not if photo.
Just some light coloring other than a couple older leaves . Really looks good overall.
Still don’t know the sex?

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