Are they Males? Any help out there?

Only if you’re going to stick with the 12/12. Also I’d go around 1/4 strength since your ppms are already on the higher end.


Yea I’m going to have to stick with the 12/12 cycle to force sex an I don’t think I have the space to veg them any longer. The ppms were that high 2 weeks ago been just giving water the last time I checked the 3 plants runoff maybe 4 or 5 day’s ago #1 ppm runoff was 1180 #2 ppm runoff was around 1200 an the #3 plant with claw tips you see ppm runoff was around 1280 should I just give them PhD water

I’ve heard if the Stipules are sticking out that they are telling you to flower them does that have any true to it?

Nah I don’t believe the stipules have any bearing. If you see some pistils popping out then it’s just saying it’s ready to flower when the light cycle changes.


Ok cool thank’s for the support an advice will flip to 12/12 on the 15th or 16th that will be the 60 day mark for the 3 bagseeds I hope they don’t let me down an be all ladies lol


Been practicing on these bagseeds alot I might have stunted there growth or slowed it all the way down with LST an pruning was wondering if this is right? Did I prune to early? I was only focusing on the top bud site’s (since there just bagseeds) so I started experimenting. I think I have stunted there growth or slowed it down alot maybe my light is to close or to far they are not getting any taller. I have a weak light at the moment for the 3×3×6 will be getting a upgrade soon to the Mars hydro TS2000 where should my light be?(Mars hydro TS 600)

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Looking good

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Where should the light be for them to stretch I stop the LST training today for all of the bagseeds because they seem to still be short for 60 day’s almost. An thank’s man I have a real passion to get better at this

Looks fine to me. :+1::+1::+1:

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For the 600 watt, ide drop it to 16-18”. Their growth has slowed due to the light and they’ll go a day or a few after some LST. The method you used is more like lollipopping. You’re doing great Bro, you’ll definitely want that light at the flip and then you notice the stretch coming.

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What about the height kinda short right? all 3 bagseeds have roots busting out the bottom of the 5 gallon fabric pots (air pruning I think that’s what it’s called) will they grow any taller once they flower. I’ve seen some really tiny plants on here I might have some tiny ones on my hand

Ok will drop it to 17 an lollipoping? I thought I was pruning well I don’t know lol I’m still learning this green thumb slang lol so this is as tall as they will get with this light right?

Long as she isn’t flowering, they will get taller.


Ok I see no pistols so I guess they are not flowering still don’t know if they are males or females an nervous about switching to 12/12 with the light I have now

They are just adjusting to the LST. They will start to move again and when they take up about half the height of available vertical space is when you want to flip. The “bud stretch” can and usually does nearly double the height.
Remember that “available vertical space” is dirt level to about 16 or so inches below the max light height.

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I stopped the LST training today to see if they would enjoy being free for a while hopefully they love it. I still don’t see any ball’s that are bunched together could that be a good sign still?

Think you responded to me instead of @Breed89. But you’re correct about the flip and stretch

Ok do you think the TS600w will be any good to flip to 12/12 with 4 plants I don’t want to mess my auto Blue Amnesia up she’s the only one I know is a female an bud worthy til I get my TS2000?

Maybe they haven’t shown sex because my weak a** TS600w could that be?

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Actually I just quoted you in my response. :wink: