Are they hungry?

Got some new girls started. They are two weeks from sprout. The soil is happy frog on top and OF on the bottom. A few leaves are showing some kind of deficiency.

Do i need to start feeding them already?


I don’t see a deficiency of any kind and it’s very unlikely given that the plant is only 2 weeks old and you are in FF soils.

FF soils are good for 4 to 6 weeks from the last transplant. Measure runoff PPM and begin feeding when PPM dips below 1,000.


Ok. I thought i was seeing something on the first, lower leaves. Wasn’t planning to feed them for a couple weeks yet. They are in 3 gallon pots, so I have been watering very sparingly. How big should I let them get before i start doing full watering to runoff?


What is your current watering habit?
When do you water and how much?


@Spiney_norman I water when they feel dry for top inch of soil. I make two quick circles around them an inch or so from the stem. Maybe 4 oz of water.


There are different reasons for getting runoff during a grow. Right now I’d suggest watering to a small amount of runoff just to know you thoroughly soaked the soil. Later in the grow if you’re using salt based nutrients you’ll want to get more runoff to prevent a salt build up in the soil.


You want the roots to fill the pot so next watering I would go for a full drench.
Roots grow incredibly fast and have already found the bottom of that pot if it had any moisture.
4 oz of water isn’t enough to fully wet that soil. If you presoaked the soil before you planted then you are probably good.


I soaked the soil before i put the seeds in. I was keeping the water light, so i didn’t drown them as seedlings. I’ll start full watering next time they are ready.


A full watering is fine now. Just wait for the soil to dry out again before next watering. Cannabis likes wet/dry cycles. Having the soil pre soaked is why your plants look good. Those roots are spread out well. By watering only the top you will encourage shallow root growth so you need deeper watering now.
Good job so far.


I couldn’t agree more with @Spiney_norman, and I think the sooner you do that thorough watering the happier she’ll be!


@Cap_Ron @Spiney_norman I took your recommendation and gave them a full watering. Also increased the lighting. They definitely like it. Thanks for the help.


@MidwestGuy i have a new question, but i didn’t want to start another topic. The girls are currently taking off like rocket ships. I have a few plants that have just the tips of the new leaves looking pale/burnt. Those plants are at 5.8ph and 1400ppm runoff. They are currently 31 days from sprout. Am I pushing the limits on nute levels?

Too low. Soil pH needs to be ~6.5.

A little high but not worth worrying about if the plant isn’t protesting. New leaves will always be pale until chlorophyll catches up with the new growth. Slightly burned tips are fine. It becomes excessive when you start having burned edges and dark, waxy leaves.

Begin feeding when PPM dips below 1,000.

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Thanks. I don’t see any protests; just trying to make sure I stay ahead of any issues.


Can i just water them with higher ph water to address this? Maybe a 7.0 or so?

Yes. This is usually the solution for plants that haven’t been fed yet or are only a few weeks old.

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@MidwestGuy. I’m still fighting some sort of leaf burn issue. I checked run off a few days ago. Ph was 6.4 to 6.6 and ppm were 1100 to 1400 on all plants. The upper leaves have worst symptoms. Burnt tips, edges curling. Wondering if this is light burn and not nute issue? This is the worst case.

I also have this other plant that is getting a few red pistils? They are 40 days from sprout. Seems way to early for red pistils, but this plant also skipped the preflower stretch.