Are they dying?

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The top 2 pics look D.O.A. the next 3 may recover and the last one looks pretty bad.
What happened??? My guess would be water, probably too much.
Would need some background.
Need to make a “ticket” and give the grow details, ie: strain, soil type, lights, nutes, watering history, etc.
Oh yeah…welcome to the forum.

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Unfortunately yes. What soil are they in

Umm yup. The wilty ones look to be dying of thirst. A couple are still alive. When watering. Pour slowly. Let that soak in. Then pour more slowly. Go in circles as u do and try to thoroughly get all the dirt wet.


Miracle Grow?

The first pic’s soil does have tons of wood chips. Hate dirt like that. Especially for starting seeds in. The lower pics have good perlite added and just looks fluffier

Aptly named as it is a miracle if they grow in it.

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I think I’m going to stop trying so hard and worrying g so much!? IDK why these. plants look so droopy and wilted and just SAD AS F**K!? PH is 7 ALWAYS! USING FOX FARM MEDIUM. MAYBE I watered to much at first? (Two or three times a day I watered but with a spray bottle mist. I also used a hormone to help the roots with transplanting them to keep from the shock) should I repot them? Maybe they arent getting proper drainage? IT CANT BE SOMETHING IM NOT DOING BUT SOMETHING I DID OR AM DOING!?!?


That may well be the problem. Seedlings should (in my opinion) be in moist soil covered with a clear dome and left alone. As long as there is condensation on the inside of the dome, no watering is necessary. During sprout and into seedling stage, the plant is taking moisture through the leaves from the air. It does not have sufficient roots yet. Also getting the leaves wet is a big no-no.

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Ck not time for a repot and would be nearly impossible with their size. But as @HMGRWN said the seedling stage is a often domed to take place of watering the soil… but try and just give a watering in the ph range of 6.2 to 6.5… with 7 going in they aren’t able to take up the nutrients within the soil already. So try and do a watering with that PH and runoff in the 10-20% range so we know everything is good and soaked then sit for a few days (3-4 maybe more until cup is light and repeat… some will be done but some will come back after a few decent waterings.

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I go directly into their “forever home” as soon as the seed makes a tail. Really no need to transplant. I have seen some growers “nesting” putting one pot into a bigger pot and never removing (disturbing) the plant or it’s roots.


That’s what I want to do! But I will be putting these in 20 gallon organic pots outside. The strain i showed is of 2 plants and 4 pics. Of critical kush. The others are doing great. How can i get the PH down from 7 to 6.5 or so? I will report them in a perlite soil and not the woodchips garbage! Then leave em sit until the soil just start to feel dry then mist them. THA KS °

Not a fan of “misting” all that does is wet the leaves (bad) and only wets the soil surface (bad).

I would only ever mist the inside surface of my dome, not the soil it’s self.


Ill actually mist those first couple of weeks. I wet soil THOROUGHLY before dropping seeds and the bottom can stay wet up to two weeks. But if the top dries prematurely a couple sprays wont dampend her off.

But u are right. It raises the chances of the stem rotting when they are so young.

To get PH down your need a few things either lemon juice or anything acidic… lemon juice works or you can go to garden/hydro store and get PH up and PH down with a PH meter… and you’ll be able to play with it and get your mixtures down to where you want to be… lots of great help in here fellas



@CK2 First off I noticed what looked like two seedlings in one container…a no-no…Only germ one per…also hey man…don’t let this discourage you …try try again…But read up and maintain that knowledge. You will figure it out sooner or later…They look (to me) like they have gotten way too many nutes and water!! The stages of advancement also are way off…A seedling with that height should not have so many stages on it yet. Good Luck!

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