Are they beginning to flower?

Amnesia Haze AF (planted 6/1/2020) (black bucket)
Northern Lights AF (planted 6/15/2020) (orange bucket)

are they beginning to flower? should i switch to flowering nutes now… or when? mainly asking about the amnesia haze, sine its the oldest plant

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Yes that is flowers. Congrats…:+1::+1::+1:


is it normal for these plants to be so scrawny and already have flowers? …i mean they barely even have leaves and are less than a foot tall. … should i switch to flowering nutes already, or wait on it?

Like Mrpeat said, definitely in flower.

You’re growing autos, no right or wrong about the height or size, they do what they want, when they want… typically. Nice looking bud sites!


Depends on your light as well. Crappy lights = crappy crops.
Good lights = good harvest.

My Autos love my HLG lights. :+1:


i am using mars hydro 1000

A lot of autos will flower in around 3 weeks. I have grown AH from ILGM and they were much taller.
I have 3 jack herer autos in the garden. 2 are tall and the 3rd is barely 12". You never know.

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Yeah I had switched over to the autos I thought it was going to be a great thing where I was just going to have all these massive plants FAST, unfortunately I did not do my homework and realize that these PLANTS are very SMALL… I was really lucky to get any plant that was over four feet tall, and FLUFF bud…then I had some extensive dental work that got infected and my plants were pollinated by a regular photo, by the end of the season I only had five plants that were female, with no seeds…everything else seeded, now I have thousands and thousands of these seeds… the wonderful thing about it is, these seeds are NOW perennials, meaning I can cut most of the green off at the end of harvest, continue to water them through the winter… at this point it just looks like some dead sticks maybe a couple leaves in a pot, BUT, come February those sucker start growing back …i have 3 plants now in a pot that are now going into their third season…is this normal? Also they are not longer AUTOS lol they take 6 mos or more to grow… it’s also just a surprise on what you harvest I have no idea want strains they are, cuz all have been cross-pollinated… though I do know they’re all sativas but it’s just a little bit of a surprise on what I’m going to smoke… fortunately I can tell just by looking/smoking a few of them that they’re the White Widow, Granddaddy Purple and the blueberry as for the rest of them who knows

Not necessarily. I have also grown white widow autos that pushed 48". These are 2 amnesia haze autos. The door knob is at 32"

I think the X and XL tend to be larger. I try to grow 4 of the same strain at the same time in a 3x3. Due to germination issues or poor seedling management on my part I have had to go with 3. I average around 3 oz dried and cured per plant. Certainly not record breaking but enough to build up some reserves.


thanks for all the responses, guys… so i take it that i should go ahead and switch over to the flowering nutes, then… will these little plants continue to grow leaves and get taller while in the flowering stage? sorry for all the questions, this is my first grow, is why i went with auto flowering for the first go round. next time i buy seeds they will be photo flowering strains… wish i could get feminized seeds for free, but hey, thats the way she goes…

your plants look great! i was hoping mine would get that big, but i guess that wont…

besides the northern lights (in the pix), i have 2 amnesia haze plants growing right now… one is in the photos, the other is still a baby, less than 2 inches… also got 2 blueberry, one is a baby, the other is about 6 inches tall (not in pix)… all these seeds came from ILGM… got them when they were on sale…

i guess i should germinate more seeds and get more plants going, since there will be plenty of room for them.

i didnt know this was possible… i thought weed plants die after they flower… this is very interesting…

Someone will come along with an answer. I have heard it mentioned before. Something about revegging but your situation sounds a little different…
Blueberry auto was my favorite to grow so far. 3 plants, all under 2 ft. But nice producers.

Well worth the money. Lighting is everything.

5 weeks since transplant Acapulco Gold grown under just 1 260 watt quantum board. We have to add my Durban Poison then all 3 260s will come on.

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ok, so i am using fox farm soil trio… the one that comes with 2 different bottles of bloom nutes. i put one TSP of each bloom solution to a gallon of water. should i give the nutes at every other watering (same as the vegging nutes)… or hit them with the flowering nutes at every watering?

@fungusamongus83 I thought that as well, UNTILL i DID IT lol, i have 4 plants from last years autos that are still growing…THEN, as I had mentioned before I got some dental implants which one of them got severely infected “put my ass down the infection was so bad,” I mean the infection was so bad I didn’t CARE to get up and go and check my girls… I had three photos and about twenty-seven Autos growing… well one of the photos was a hermaphrodite… by the time I did feel well enough to get back out there to the garden she had pollinated everything out there so everything seeded… so this year I am using those seeds from my garden last year… they are the weirdest before I spray the captain Jack’s dead bug Brew there were some caterpillars that got to some of the buds… well I went out there and I cleaned them very well…NOW, those plants are regrowing where all that caterpillar damage was… if I let them go they WILL grow back next year which I am going to do… they will continue to grow,
wish I could share my seeds… as I was told that I created a new strain by mistake LOL definitely been a mistake because I wouldn’t have done it on purpose…i didnt know how lmao

i dont see why you couldnt. there’s groups on FB where they do it.