Are they a fool proof way to germinate seeds?

I only got 2 out of 8 seeds from ILGM to germinate and grow. I’ve read everything possible on here and other websites. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Paper towel method works flawlessly for me every time. Have you tried that?


Yeah, I’ve tried the paper towel method by itself and in a zip-lock baggie. I’ve read to leave them in the dark like on top of a water heater to keep them warm and still haven’t had any luck. My last 3 seeds I had were soaked in a shot glass for 36 hours then put a 1/4 inch deep into the soil, I’ve kept the soil damp and today makes 10 days and I have nothing showing. Thanks.

I found some 1 year old homegrown seeds that a friend gave me last year. I’m going to try the paper towel zip lock method on them and see if it’s me or the seeds.

I’ve settled on peat pellets. I soak them for 15 minutes, cut away all the netting and place them in the pot I’m growing in. Then just place the seed in the pellet, push the sides around it to cover it up, and push a thin layer of the pot soil over it. Then just wait. To be safe, I give it a few sprays of fine mist a few times a day to keep the top of the soil moist.

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I soaked in water overnight then put in damp paper towel in open ziploc four or five days later …


I just dug my seeds up and they were still dark with no roots at, so I put them in wet paper towels in a zip lock bag. Is it possible that they could still germinate? Thanks.

Yes. But if it gets to a point of two weeks, give it up.

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Two weeks from today or when I first started 10 days ago because I would only have 4 days left? Thanks.

I’d go ahead and contact customer support via email, they’ll send you new seeds.

These were replacement seeds. I ordered 3 seeds at first and none sprouted, so they sent me 5 replacement seeds and 2 sprouted and are growing. I don’t want them to think I’m trying to cheat them. I’ll have to ponder what to do next.

The only thing I can think of is, maybe they’re too wet? I’m brand new at this, so I’m just speculating, but it would seem to me if they’re too dry and not germinating, there shouldn’t be a time limit, because they just haven’t been triggered to sprout yet. But if you’re accidentally getting them too wet, the seed will rot in the shell and never sprout.

That’s what I was doing wrong, I overwatered 3 seeds my first try, that’s why I use peat pellets, it takes the guesswork out on water. Just soak the pellet until it expands, take it out of the water, and the pellet has the perfect amount of moisture to sprout.


If you are soaking your seeds for more then 24 hours it sounds like you’re drowning them…


I first submerge the seeds in water and let them soak for 24 hours. This assures that there is the right amount of moisture to begin germinating. The seeds won’t absorb too much water unless they’ve been soaking for 7 days or more, so don’t be concerned about that. I copied and pasted this from ILGM guides on this site and I only left mine in the water for 36 hours, so I doubt that I drowned them. Thanks though.


Thanks for the help.

Seed can be damaged in transit some times.
Over heated or frozen or both x-rayed.
I was told by a person that worked customs in the past
that if they get odd reading but cant find anything and its only letters
and such they do a sterilization to kill all living things and he said that includes
seeds. I didn’t ask what they do wish I did now and I am not even sure its true.

I"ve ordered my first three shipments of seeds (23)in all in three separate packges, none were destroyed in any way, a few didn’t germinate, I placed them All in a cup of room temp water,( 3-4)at a time, they would float on top of the water, and all would germ (floating) in 24 hours or less, this prevents Drowning factors, and the seeds that were good got the necessary amt, of water needed to germinate, usually splitting apart while still floating in the cup. I know they are good and ready for planting after that,


Did you add some hydrogen peroxide?, it helps in a few different ways like kill bugs in the water and add o2 ?
I am not exactly 100% of how it helps but it does. I done side by side and the difference is profound, plants just out grow the ones with out.


That’s what I’m thinking, got zapped.

I have regular peroxide and don’t know what measurements to use.