Are theses leaves normal

I’m not sure if I’m being paranoid or not, but when I took my day 13 picture, I saw these bubbles. I was told the plant is just sweating. The humidity was at 63%, and the temperature was 24.2 degrees celsius. I hope my baby is ok.

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I hope that’s what it is.

@my3_tan everything appears normal. Don’t over water and she will be great.


get a piece of fresh lettuce and damp it off and lay it next to your gal overnight and look for moisture droplets on both next day .

I need to stop being so paranoid. :blush: Thanks.


It’s what we are here for @my3_tan just tag someone and ask. We all were first growers once. :wink::call_me_hand:

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being concerned about your horticulture is not being paranoid , it is good green practice…:man_farmer:


hate to be the bad seed, but she does not look the best in my opinion,
she looks over-watered, leaf margins and color not quite right and swollen/puffy looking…???
the ‘bubbles’ look like some kind of fungus, mold, or mildew…???

maybe i m not seeing it good on my cheap old laptop…???

do the ‘bubbles’ wipe off easily with your finger or do they smudge on they leaf.?
even if it is water something is not right, unless u r spritzing it or she’s in a dome.
what is your watering ‘schedule’.???

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She’s still growing. I’ve been keeping a closer eye than usual on her. I just want this to be a successful experience. I have a house that’s full of plants, but I’ve never grown cannabis. I read about all of the possible plant problems, and I’ve become a plant hypochondriac lol. I was going to post an updated photo, but I’m the worst ever when it comes to tech stuff. I don’t know how I got the first photo posted.
Trust me; I’ll be back :wink:


As promised, the updated picture. By the time this plant is harvested, I’ll know how to grow and know some tech stuff :blush:

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it depends on what strain you are growing, i know colder temperature may do this to your plant.

i’m growing feminized white widow

what has your temp been any lower than 60 degrees

look good to me; have to try different things; water; soil; etc. I am still learning.


90% or more of new cannabis growers over-mother their new plants and over-water,
cannabis is like cayenne pepper plants, they like some neglect.!!
vegging squash and maters look sad on a hot day needing some water,
peppers and cannabis look happy and proud right beside them.!

get a moisture meter, test the pots at the bottom where the roots grow,
only water/feed when the meter reads down in the ‘moist’ area close to or just into ‘dry’,

u can also judge this by weight, lift the pot, when it feels empty it is time to water.!

this is flood to drought watering and keeps your roots/plant healthy.!!