Are these worth the elec


Hi fellow growers have? Went away for awhile and came back to these fan had died they don’t look like there dying I sprayed AN revive and added to feeding I’m wondering if it’s worth continuing to grow and get very little yield or should I start over


I would try to save them
Give her a couple days /weeks and see what happens


Ok didn’t want to scrap them they started out so nice will the condition there in effect flowering


? Not sure :thinking:
May delay flower what strain ?
@Majiktoker what are your thought on this one buddy :grin:


Wht widow clones 10 weeks


I would keep them going I have faith you could bring them back


Well there you go
Give them a little love and time bro


Thks guy’s really needed that hoping that once I move them to 5 gal will help also got some wht widow ready to harvest bout 2 weeks


You got it @iceberg, you can bring it them back, I have faith!