Are these white thingsi on the leaf normal?

1st grow so everything is new to me.
Are those tiny white hairs something I should be worried about? I panicked thinking it was powdery mildew, but not sure.


Heck NO! Those are the trichomes. These are your resin filled glands.

From a medical MJ journal:

"Because they are filled with resin, when trichomes break, they release the sticky oil inside. This is what gives some marijuana buds their stickiness. The more trichomes there are, the more resin they will release when handled roughly.

While trichomes offer multiple benefits to the marijuana plant, to marijuana consumers they’re primarily appreciated because they hold the compounds that are responsible for cannabis’ effects, as well as the way it smells and tastes."

Looks great! I need more of these on my Northern! :rofl:


I’m not a green thumb so everything is freaking me out. I had no idea growing plants could be so stressful. :sweat: made all.kinds of rookie blunders but all in all it’s still pretty interesting.

Ok I’ll do some research on the trichomes.


Wait until you do your second grow. You will treat it like it was your second child.

I have found that more times than I can count, my mistakes have been someone else’s method.

White powdery mildew looks like this


Ha @KikiGee. I’m waiting for that experience. Still finishing my final plant of my first grow. I have learned so much. It’s crazy!

And @RudeSensi77, yes, for us newbies, it is stressful…until you relax and let go…let the plants do their thing, respond to their needs (not ours :rofl: that comes later!) , and you will have success.

I will definitely change a few things for the second go around, but I expect to have issues and continue asking, reading and learning.

We are growing our own meds, and legally (most of us??). That is a great thing!

Continued success. :call_me_hand:t3:


These plants are incredibly amazing. They seem to let you know right fast if something is wonky giving you a chance to fix it. I love to just pour through mine with eyeballs admiring their beauty and that is when I might find something that needs addressed.

Honestly, I kind of like the challenges. I am natural trouble shooter. I think my life, which is very much isolated, as much for preference as quarantine, would be boring without this challenge. I can’t wait each morning to see the changes. I have a bit of a challenge now with the second grow, autoflowers this time around, on nutrients and PPM. (I use AutoPot hydroponic system and one in a Soft Pot - I can never seem to kill any extra seedlings planted for insurance if another one fails.) As long as I keep growing I am sure I am warding off Alzheimer’s with all the brain work.

Yes, being legal is great! This is my medicine. And we take that very seriously. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@KikiGee yes they are resilient having actually killed a cactus. It is easy to over parent, 1 of my biggest hurdles was to stop giving water lol. Somethings Im still confused on, is watering /feeding.
At seedling = just water
Veg = feed/water
Flowering = feed/water

is it you feed (water with nutes) then just water to flush
Or flushing is only in specific scenarios.

I’m using soil can reuse the soil or do I have get fresh soil?

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The watering thing I would not be able to explain near as well articles written about it. And there are a lot on this site.

I looked back on my notes for my first grow and saw they came up 5/7 and I didn’t give any nutes until 6/10 and then 1/4 strength and slowly worked up. Toward the end I would alterate nutrients with water every other time and man were they going through the water. I don’t think I flushed more than four days if that, and I am sure there was still some residual nutes in the tank. However, it smokes incredibly smooth.

As far as reusing the soil. I don’t. I put mine in the compost, however, you will find that there is an amazing amount of roots and there really is not any soil left by the time you are done.

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I reuse my soil but only because I have a lot of it. All I want from it is the structural things, I rebuild it with a living soil mix. Compost is a good way to recycle it as @KikiGee mentioned. At this point in your growing I wouldn’t recommend it as it has a steep learning curve and what you’re doing is working for you. My 2 cents.

Keep up the good work! You got them to this point just stay the course.