Are these turning into Hermaphrodites?

@GhostGrow i haven’t fed them because when I checked the runoff ppm it was 2300. So I thought I wasn’t supposed to feed with PPM so high. I’ve been adding sweet berry mag sulfate. Should I feed them even with the ppm crazy high like that? Also, I’m new to this do what do you mean by feeding to hold ph? I’m a little confused. Sorry, this is my first grow so I suck lol.

@GhostGrow , yes, I only transplanted once though. I went from solo cups to 5 gallon. I think the 5 gallon was overkill but it came with the tent so I used them. I am familiar with LST but I didn’t really have room in the tent. They grew way too close to the light.

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Those are the starter calyx. The first ones that grow so you can determine sex. The buds typically build above them. Sometimes they can back build and cover them up.

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@GhostGrow I fed bites today and my ppm runoff was 2900. I’m just not understanding why the ppms aren’t dropping when I’ve used nothing but water.

Are you using tap water?

Yea check the ppm of your plain water

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No, I should have specified I’m using distilled.

@GhostGrow I’m using distilled. I just can’t figure out why the ppm has t dropped. Very frustrating for a first grow.

Are you watering until run off

Yes I am. Until it fills up the pan under it.

And ypu remove the run off from the pan so it doesn’t suck up back into the pot right? The ppms should go down. Doesn’t make sense lol. If you are just watering with no nutes and removing the run off from the pan it should be going down. Unless its lockout and they plants arnt absorbing any nutrients. Id do a flush on them

Lol! No, I wasn’t removing it from pan!:man_facepalming:t2:

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It was most likely sucking back up into the pot. A little bit will evaporate but you watering and leaving it in the pot it will suxk back up then that will cause salt build up and nutrient burn and a whole mess of problems lol

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Well then that’s where I screwed up! I never realized I was supposed to do that. I guess that’s the growing pains of being an amateur lol. I also have no idea how the heck I’m supposed to move the pans to empty them while the plants are snug in the trellis.

But now this all makes sense!:man_facepalming:t2: I guess that’s why the tips of the leaves are burning. I’m not sure how to even flush at this point. How do people do it? Just keep watering until runoff, then keep emptying pan etc?

You make a grate for the plants to sit on with the trays underneath. Just pull em out, the pans. Don’t flush. They need to dry out, not get more water. If you have an extra container and medium to fill it. Do that, add no water. This is a dummy pot. When your plants are close to the same weight as it, water. With nets in late flower you’ll have the hang of it and not need to lift them to know when they need water. Flushing would only hurt them, but if you ever get serious burn and need to actually flush it’s common to use a shower head adjusted as close to 70F you can get it. Water with that till significant run off. It’s flushed. After that I’d put some calmag in the distilled water, ph it, water with it till 1/4c of runoff. Flushed. All run off should be discarded or thrown on your outdoor garden.


Honestly theres no reason to stop what’s working though. Your tips are commonplace in flower. Some auto feed systems fill the pan and that is absorbed up through the plant. I only water to run off on rare occasions. Everyone has their own way of doing it. Watering till run off and waiting till it’s light again is the go-to for new growers and those who found a niche with it. Waste of nutes imo. Don’t gotta worry about dried up salts if they don’t dry up.

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Thanks for the info! However, what would cause my ppm to stay so high in the soil. I’ve never even fed the plants because the ppm was so high. Shouldn’t my ppms be dropping? Otherwise it’s going to be a harsh smoke right? I am going to have to make a grate or something. I guess part of the problem is I have no room in my tent and I regret using 5 gallon pots. I stuffed 4 plants in a 27x 27 tent. I think this is an epic fail for my first grow though. So you’re saying to let them dry out? How do I get the ppms down?

I also have two strains in the tent and the one strain is way behind the other and we are in week 6 of flower. They barely have any significant flowering and little to no trichomes. In the future, should I stick with growing one strain in the tent instead of combining?

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It’s definitely easier. And on same veg time. Just finishing my first indoor grow. Not that I can really be accounted for previous out doors years ago. I was more of a tag along/help. Anyway, I did 3 different strains with 2 different veg times but considering one in the middle of the two since I killed it and brought it back. Won’t be doing it this way again. But I tried about everything I could. Messed up a ton. Wouldn’t have done it any other way. Jump in head first and mess some stuff up. It’s the best way to learn. Especially once you’ve read so much your eyes stop to work. Lol

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I hear you! I’ve done some much reading and YouTube videos all I did was confuse the hell out of myself!!! I second guess everything I do. I did both strains on same veg time and everything but the one strain is lacking. I’m almost at the point of throwing them out because by the looks of them they won’t yield much anyway. The purple haze are the tall ones flourishing. My problem is, they are too healthy lol. Need to get those ppms down. I almost want to trash them and start over but can’t force myself to do it being I’ve been at this fir 2 mos already.

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Never trash them. Check out my journal, ignore the mostly ramblings. Just look at the pictures as I turn good to garbage to decent and one zombie beyond expectations. The second biggest one is almost a zombie too. Failed lst after flip, fan fell on it too. Suffered nutrient uptake problems because of it. Litterally just prolonged it’s transition till it caught up. Also I don’t do large plants. More of a SoG guy. I’m trying to grow budz, not leaves. Also less trimming work. First, sf 2k kit. Photo

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