Are these trichomes ready?

I have tried to figure out the flash, if the lights are on in the tent, the flash won’t work, and the full spectrum lights make everything look dark purple. Flash works if the tent lights are off, and can’t find a button to make it work all the time.
But here are some pics of my 13 young ladies with the tent lights off.



I totally feel this. Of all of the user interfaces, the ones related to cameras and photography are generally the least user friendly.

Those plants look AWESOME, dude! (From what I can see without a flash, anyway :laughing:)
But your setup and your posts are seriously making me interested in hydro! Those plants look like they are doing GREAT!

Nice Grow plants look good.

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In Veg I can make the ladies scream, but flower is where I’m lacking. With the help of this form I hope to put that behind me. Already have had some excellent advice, put some into play, and working on some others.
Again, thank you

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I think that’s where most folks hit some difficulty, my brother. You are not alone. By a long shot.

Light meter from amazon

UNI-T UT383 Light Meter Lux Meter

Allowed me to set the lights at desired DLI.
The Vipar Spectra V1200 is half as good as the 350R, but twice the size.
The Kil-a-Watt meter will define your power performance and LUX will determine best height for performance.
Better lights will make better flowers, not necessarily, better growers.
I have an excess of older, Vipar Spectras, purchased years ago, before my baptism to the forum.
V300 does a 2x2 tent w/ 50Klux at 10 inches.
The V600 and R900 keep second 4x4 tent warm.
the Vipar V1200 at 15 inches, does 4 sq ft of 50K

Did those trichomes come from those plants?

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I will look into the meter, and no the trichromes were from different plants, these pics were from my babies

A forum thread for your reading, my winter experiment.
Better lights needed and I am almost quitting indoor grow, maybe.
Summer is fine, maybe. PNW life. Left the mountains in 76.
Water guy. DDD & USN

@Mntmannw don’t know if I understand ur question. R you looking for new lights??? Or r u looking to take some pics during lights out??
If ur looking for lights I’m not ur man, u’ll get inundated with advice from A ago Z, n large. If u want to take some pics n ur tent after lights out, check out the computer. There r plenty of videos, pics, n how to’s, I’m sure u can find what ur looking for.
Also charts for lighting, light height n coverage, r also easily accessible. Good luck to you, I wish u nothing but big beautiful buds. Peace :v:

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I was trying to figure out how to make my camera flash with the lights on, it flash’s just fine with lights off.

Amnesia Haze


Gold Leaf


Grandmommy Purple


On my I phone, I’ll tap the camera from the available apps, n up pops the camera ready to take a pic. On the top of the camera r these 4 symbols…

If I tap the arrow n the middle, this pops up…

Tap the lightning bolt n ur flash options open

Tap the on, n ur flash setting is on until turned off. If u got a different phone, I’ll b of no help, like I said my caretaker took care of business for me. These types of things r above my pay grade…
When looking for amber u want to concentrate on the flower itself, the surrounding leaves don’t tell the truth. From the pics posted, the Gold Leaf pic is ur best shot, ur other pics, not so much. I can’t tell where they came from, n if ur far enough along amber is found fairly easily, on leaves surrounding ur flower. Keep on keeping on, @Mntmannw u gotz skillz fo sure


@Myfriendis410 @DEEPDIVERDAVE @ShockDog
If my PPm is correct when I change out the nutes, but 4 days later it’s running high (1260-1400), according to Lucas formula it should be about 975 in bloom and about 600 in veg. It said that usually means the plant is drinking more water then nutes, is the best way to get it back down is to just add plain water?

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Thank you, mine was a little different, but it was the same principle and it worked.


I have been using the FF trio for nutes and then flush with their Sledgehammer product as needed. I’m pretty new, but I’d flush in the situation you describe. Others and google can do better with telling you all the options, but that’s one.

Got the light meter today, at 18” it reads 5700 LUX, on my 450 w Bestva 4000’s.
Seriously looking at an active flow 12 bucket ebb and flow system with a chiller, and down the road maybe a few HLG 350R’s
Thanks for all your help

Love the instrument support available.
Good growing to you.