Are these too small?

This is my first grow. They sprouted 3/2 - 3/6. I have two northern lights (3 and 5 gal), one amnesia haze, and one blueberry. I noticed the amnesia haze started flowering first (4/2) and now all four are in flower mode, I think. I’m using fox farms ocean forest and the general hydroponics trio. I germinated in a wet paper towel, and then placed in three 3 gallon and one 5 gallon pots. They have had 18/6 light since germination. I have been using blue lab pen to check ph. I currently have well water, it is a 8.6 ph and it is 186 ppm out the faucet. I’m still learning Ppm and ec, so can’t tell you much about that. I mix my nutes and additives as follows. Per gallon of water, 3ml of silica, mix, let stand for 15min or so, then I add 6ml of flora micro, 3ml of flora grow, and 9ml of flora bloom, in that order (flower stage) I then add 3ml of Cal mag. This is just a little over 50% of the recommended quantities. I will ph at this point, and it’s usually pretty dialed in at 6.4-6.6, and then I’m at about 800-1000 ppm. I have a very cheap ppm pen. This may not be accurate. I didn’t start fertilizing for the first few weeks, and then when I did, it was every other time I watered. Now here we are at about week 6.

I also noticed the yellowing on a few leaves but only a few.

Any feedback would be appreciated. See pictures,

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SF-2000 light, 2x4x5 grow tent, ac infinity 6” in-line fan.

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Nice looking plants! They will grow nicely and shud stretch a bit still(its early yet)
I run 2 sf-2000s in 3x3 with great success!

Looks like a bit of nute splash on leafs…


The markings on the leaves look more like some type of damage than a nutrient deficiency.
Size wise, they can be all over the place. You are in good soil, using good nutrients under a good light so I just think… as they say—it is what it is.


Thank you for the feedback. I do get careless at times with the nute solution. I usually just spritz them after with fresh water in a squirt bottle.

Appreciate the feedback. I’m definitely excited about these little ladies.

Careful with misting as well, water :sweat_drops: will magnify from your light and cause burns, stress, ect.


This could also be reason for spotting on leaves. As mentioned above, try to avoid it. If you find yourself having to spray for pest treatment, do so right at lights out. Otherwise you want to avoid spraying flowering plants if possible.

They’re all flowering on 18 hour schedule, I take it they are autos? Size and development look pretty normal for soil grow if that’s the case.


I will stay away from spraying unless absolute necessary. Yes you are correct, these are autos. I think as the days go by, the plants start to really dense up, and since i have 4 all at different flowering stages, it’s pretty sweet to watch them all beef up slowly and separately. They just looked pretty small before the stretch for flower. 1st time, so it’s cool as hell watching the transformation. Anyway, thanks for the tip.

This is the amnesia haze, we are at 6 weeks and 1 day since seed popped. I’m guessing a couple more weeks and then a flush. What do you all think? This is a auto.

Also, I’m currently around 40 to 45% RH. Should I bump this down now? Thanks guys. Jon

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3-4 weeks out yet! Lots of building to come yet! Looking good tho!!

Sweet, thanks!

Once pistols predominately change color, start louping the calyxes…

What does this mean?


When you get close to harvest(at least 80-90% pistols(hairs) turn color, you can then use a jewelers loupe to see your trichomes maturity like example above…highlighted black is a “calyx”(each pistol comes from one)…highlighted yellow is a sugar leaf, these are liars and do not judge harvest by them(they will turn amber way before your calyxes do)

You can then use this chart to help you decide when to harvest(all on preference)

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You are supposed to add the silica and calimag first and then micro,gro and bloom.

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Thanks for the info. :+1:t3:

Thanks for the explanation. Lots of good info. Thanks again.

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Update on my autos.

Amnesia Haze as follows. To me everything is looking good. My question is, it looks to me, some buds are looking like they will be done sooner than other ones on the plant. Do you normally harvest all at same time?

Northern Lights (3gal):
This plant seems to look ok as well, a little behind the Amnesia Haze. One thing I noticed, leaves are pointing up on this one. Is she trying to tell me anything? The light has not changed at all. SP-2000 spider farms.

This one concerns me, seems to be very slow going on flowering, and also the leaves seem curled. Maybe it’s just the Blueberry strain? Anyway, to me, she doesn’t look as healthy as the others.

Northern Lights (5gal):
This one seems pretty good as well, you can see it’s a good size bigger that the 3 gal NL. 3 gal NL seems to be further along in flowering though.

Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated. Also, these were all started week of 3/2/21.


Forgot to add the NL 5 gal pictures.


Please see my post above. Thanks.