Are these the start of roots?


a week ago i cut away growth under my outdoor scrogs and instead of tossing the cuttings, i tried to root them in cups of water and i think its working. i’ve only ever rooted clones in soil or rock wool cubes so, i’ve never got to see this stage of rooting. these little white bumps are the start of roots, right? and should i wait till the roots are more defined before i plant them in soil or should i get them right into soil now and let them finish rooting like that? july23%20003


my $2 hi-tech rooting set up :smiley: july23%20010


Let them go…it won’t take long to show.


Also ive seen alot of people cut the large fingered leaves in half. Supposedly to make the plant think less about photosynthesis and more about rooting. Actually just tried it yesterday. Will let you know how it i guess :joy::rofl:

Edit id let them sit in the cup a bit longer too


Every time that I look at @PurpNGold74’s profile, it starts growing a root in ny neck of the woods! LOL


Haha, lmao @Happy_Pappy, Hey @oldpro let them root out longer them plant them into a seed starter mix, good luck buddy


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