Are these the plants that come from the Green Crack Feminized seed?


A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

"I ordered some seeds this year. Feminized green crack and regular white widow. I planted three green crack seeds and they are getting close to harvest. One of the plants is different from the other two. All planted same time, same dirt, next to each other.

One Plant * Other Two*
Less buds More buds
All green bud leaves Purple color on bud leaves
Pistils still all white Pistils turning brown
Skinnier plant upright branches Fuller plant flatter branches

I took a picture of a bud stalk on the different plants, one of the two that are the same and one of the one that is different. On the one that is different, I noticed that the buds and pistils are lighter in color and the leaves are lighter and greener where on the other one the buds are darker, the leaves have a dark purple-like hue on the edges with more pistils turning brown.

I took a few more pictures to more clearly show you what I am talking about. Notice the difference in leaf color. Two plants have leaves with dark purple like color along the edges while the other one does not. Two plants have heavier darker bud growth while the other has less dense and lighter color buds. Although planted at the same time it almost appears two plants are maturing faster than the other one judging by the pistil color and bud color unless they are different plants, different strains, then that would explain the difference. In the full view picture the two photos are showing to be the same while there’s the odd one. Notice the difference in overall color and bud growth.

  • Strain - Your brand of Green Crack Feminized. Pack of 5. Three planted.
  • Indoor/Outdoor - Outdoor
  • Temps - Day 60 to 90 Night 50+ Degrees F
  • Humidity Day/Night - not sure
  • Soil - Started indoor in pots with potting soil and light application of Miracle Grow liquid fertilizer 1x7 after sprouting. Set outside for a couple weeks then moved to a raised bed garden using regular garden soil supplemented with small amount of chicken manure, phosphorous powder, Osmocote Plus, MYKOS pure mycorrhizal innoculant, a couple light applications of Miracle Grow liquid fertilizer to start.

All three plants done at the same time. Physical location is the eastern Olympic Peninsula in state of Washington approx. 50 mi NE of Seattle.

Strain (type, bag seed): see above
Soil in pots, hydroponic, or coco?: see above
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?: don’t know
What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS: see above
Indoor or outdoor:outdoor
Light system, size?: natural outdoor
Temps day, night:see above
Humidity day, night: see above
Ventilation system (yes/no, size): no
AC, humidifier, de-humidifier?:none
Co2 (yes/no):no

There is a distinct difference between one of the plants and the other two. Two have heavier darker bud structure, pistils that are thinning out and turning amber color, and leaves near the buds that are anywhere from purple-blue color on the edges of the larger leaves to the same color on the entire (smaller) leaf surface that come directly out of the bud structure.

This bud and color appearance is completely different from the other pant that has maintained its all green color leaves and buds on the entire plant. This gives it it a lighter, greener appearance than the other two. The plant has lots of light colored pistils and smaller buds which implies it might be less ready to harvest than the other two. However, with all three supposedly being the same strain from your stock and cultivated exactly the same, one would expect the same structure and appearance.

I suspect that the plants are not of the exact same strain. Can you explain and identify? Are these the plants that come from the Green Crack Feminized seed? Or did the seeds get mixed up during handling? I may want to complain if they don’t smoke like advertised.

Here are a couple more pictures. I want to give you the most accurate view as possible. If you have a magnify feature for these pictures it really brings out the difference and close up visual for identification purposes."


Nice :+1:t2: plants :seedling: man sometimes cold will make leaves purple and others stay green I’ve had it few times same strains but one :point_up:️ be purple and other green


Yes same strain but they have different phenotypes


Exactly what sir smokes said ,there can be numerous pheno,of 1 strain . With most of today’s strains being hybrid the plants hold the genetic codes of thousands. So that is why you can get 5 different plants from 5 different seeds.
If you wish you can take clones that way all plants will be exactly identical