Are these still okay?

I think I overfed these and lost all of the leaves early. I also wonder if sunlight could be a factor as the days get shorter fast.

Any one have any words of wisdom to share?

I hate to even mention it but after finding some in my tent today I would rather be wrong than miss it but those leaves look to me like mine did and there was a little bit of mold on the inside of a couple of my buds. I would look down into the buds anywhere the leaves look kinda grey like that


By the Browning top of the flower in the first pic I would suspect mold/bud rot. You may want to open the buds up and look in side. Definitely want to snip that top brown part off.


Oh noes
Good luck

Yep you got rot. Seen it many times, cut out the bad spray with 50/50 peroxide. May take a week or so to correct, keep a very close eye.

Sorry to say I believe everyone above is correct, bud rot. Lost most of my top colas off one of my plants to rot. Had to harvest anything I could save right away. Serious bud wash, hopefully it doesn’t show up in the drying room🤞 Good luck

Pull a bud apart to see if there is mold. If you want to cut it out, you’ll need to take good material around the area also to make sure you get it all. Do not smoke or attempt to make anything with it. Sorry man, hope it’s not a total loss, but if you salvage anything just make sure you get it all and then some

If they’re grayish inside, can i cut it out? someone suggested 50/50 peroxide spray - will that kill the mold? or just keep it from progressing?

I’ve been growing a long time and I still don’t understand why this shit happens. Keep them dry they say…Ok, this year I covered them, sprayed them with peroxide/water, hit them with the leaf blower. Still got WPM and rot. Funny thing is, I had one that was way behind (didn’t see the split stalk for months) left her outside the tent. It was the only one that didn’t get mildew or rot 🤷

Anywho, in my opinion and what I did was harvest what I could. As Cali said, get all the rot and then some. Do a bud washing, I used a 32 oz bottle of peroxide to about 5 gallons of water. Do a bud washing search on YouTube. I also did a second wash with baking soda and lemon juice. I’ve never washed my buds before but after seeing the dirt and bugs :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Good luck, I know it sucks to lose bud or have to harvest early but… Free bud is better than no bud :grin:

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Hey Skipper - what should I be looking for after I spray? will the peroxide kill the mold? or just keep it from progressing?

50/50 peroxide and water will kill mold and prevent spreading. If the bud is gray on the inside or the stem is Browning in the bud, then it probably has it. You want green buds and stems, unless you have a phenotype that shows other colors, but brown and gray are not colors you want and are usually a sign of rot or mold.


I think it is a must to wash if you’re growing outdoors. Scared the crap out of me the first time cuz I thought I was going to wash away all the trichs, but Jorge Cervantes has a great video for washing. The lemon juice is suppose to help with the terpines profile as well.

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Me too ! I did a couple hung them up. 20 minutes later I grabbed my loup, PHEW… trichs still there :dancer::dancer::dancer: guess it does work.

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Rot sucks had some this year also, I think most in North East did. Look at them very closely once you see what it is very to see. Look for anything brown in the buds, See it look inside if there is mold you will see it. Chop out the mold spray with peroxide and keep looking every day until you get it all, it may not show up all at once.
You can win this .

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I lost a bunch to bud rot this year 75% of it was caused by worms. One of my plants lost every main cola and a bunch of secondary colas. I’ve probably clipped off what would have been over a half lb dried. Found at least 30 worms on that one plant

Some of the tiny sugar leaves are brownish. It’s that okay?

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@cat28 That looks like it’s the start of rot I can’t tell for sure but the bud look ready or close to it so I would probably cut it and do a good trim of the dead brown/grey colored stuff followed by a bud wash. If I’m wrong on it being ripe you can leave it growing and trim off the dead and use a peroxide water mix (4 tbs in one quart) in a spray bottle and spray wash it the best you can then watch it closely for any more to show up

Edit = after trimming make sure you clean up your shears and anything else you use with alcohol that stuff is a cancer one speck will start growing wherever it lands the peroxide oxidizes it and should stop it


Pull on the brown leaves if they pull out easily instead of breaking, open the bud up right there and check.