Are these seeds. Popping up at the end of flower

Are these seeds. Popping up at the end of harvest.
Feminized =Meant no seeds. Right?
Ilgm wedding cake strain.
Week 9 of flower

Is ia this plant trying to keep pushing.

Thank you in advance.

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They could be: remove one and open it up. That will tell you.

Highly hybridized feminized plants often will throw ‘nanners’ that then pollinate some or all of the plant. Especially late in flower. It’s the plant’s way of trying to do it’s job and reproduce.


Nope. Feminized just means a female plant is guaranteed.

This is magnified shot of “nanners”. You can see where they get the name. :banana:


It’s not uncommon for a female to produce a few seeds. If it’s more than 10 or so, then it’s usually nanners. I let my flowers ride until I get a good bit of amber and it’s common for the plants to put up nanners late in the grow a week or 2 from harvest as the plant does what it can to “perpetuate the species.”


Makes sense. Life span almost up. Gotta reproduce. Niw does that mean the plant is basicly done? It would focus more on the seed development more than finishing the ripening of the buds right? I’ve been keeping eye on trichomes. Very little amber majority cloudy. But a surprising amount of clear still.
So basicly trichomes say no not yet. But nanners and seeds growing Seems to me like a safe bet to assume its done all it will do? Armature grower with too much research online lol. These are assumptions guys don’t eat me up over it haha. Thanks again

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Yep. Unfortunately.

Pretty much sums it up.

Wow this sucks. Check it out.

This is a cloae up of the seeds i plucked off to cut open.

Much worse than i thought. They are coverd. Snd this seed looks mature as it would need to be.
Happened with last grow too nonwhere newr this bad though. Live and learn. But. Im not learning so :confused:

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There must be a male plant nearby or your grow area is contaminated with male pollen. Possible there are some wild plants that keep coming back every year or someone is growing with regular seeds but doesn’t remove male plants. The male’s pollen can travel for over a mile on the wind.
It looks like you are growing without a tent. It may help to have one to isolate your plants better.


Using a tent. 4x4x6.
Led lights. Every seed ive grown was feminized. By ilgm. Also that picture of that seed. Looks fully mature. Never has been a goal to grow Seeds
Not much knowledge. There but I read it takes at least 3 months. To get a rip seed. That would mean that what ever happend would have happened aeound the time of transplanting the. They are only like 4 months. Old pants From seed . I really enjoy the forum and the people on ilgm. And want to stay put with them.
But with Multiple grows. With feminized seeds. In an Automated. Environment. i haven’t had one yet. No do this to me. Of course the haters. Out there say it’s ilgm genetics. To try new bank. Not sure what else. I can do for better. Results. Still have quite. A few left so. Try… try… try some more. I recon

The mastercush was more like late flowers. spiraled out sides of buds

So its. Either full of seeds Or spirals on colas coming out the sides. Thought then maybe just late bloomers. Any advice

You may have a light leak have you verified that yet?

Mannnnnnnnn. Hahahahaha. So. No. There are no light leaks in the tent. But. My genius self did have the controller. For heat and humidity inside the tent. After getting inside. And letting eyes. Adjust. My whole body was illuminated red. Hmmm. I mean surely not. RIght? Lol. The moon and stars. Are brighter than that. think i jacked both my grows up with that red light. Its literally just the tiny numbers that are lit up on a half inch digital screen

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Did you sanitize your grow space after first time it happened?


Yes. Very anal about that. After fillowing up on bluntsmoke comment. The red light was not indirect lighting and was shining right at the plants.
More than likely. The very first piece of equipment i out in the tent. Was. My first mistake. Doomed from get go. Smh. But just curious. How does the moon not mess plants up outside. But a light leak in a tent can cause this.

I think you nailed mayne. Thanks. Dont underatand why this is all so. Delicate of processes. It is a weed right. Lol. Give this another go. And see what happens. Wrapping tent and all controller outside the tent. Any other tips i may not be foreseeing the tent is i n my garage and the light in there is on most the time.
The vents at the bottom of tent. If opened. Would allow light to get in. Not direct light but the bottom is reflective so. Should i lay down something over the floor to prevent reflextion

I have my bottom flaps open against a wall in the garage. I doubt the T8 garage light goes over the tent then under the flaps. I haven’t had any issues yet