Are these "seeds" popping out here?


9th week of flower starts tomorrow, this just popped up. Are these seeds?


It does look like something is going on. Could be seeds or she hermied.


It looks like nanners. She hermi ed.


Now what? Cut and run or wait??


You know, you look pretty far along. You could pick the nanners and keep ahead of them. Even if you pollinate the plant now, I think seeds would not develop very far before harvest.

If you’re indoors you’ll want to sort of decontaminate your grow area before the next round.


That’s true, it takes a long time for seeds to develope. You should be fine.


Too late in the flower to worry too much about seeds, but like stated before, clean your area VERY well prior to next grow.


Well when done I will tear down and thoughly clean tent and all surfaces. 10% bleach should work well, but if ya’ll have a better way I’m all ears. They have to be ready this week (I keep saying that to myself !)


Best recommendation requested!! Girls are (as of this morning) 9 weeks old since the flip! 2x4x5 tent, crap lights (I know, they will be upgraded asap. Next grow at best.) Soooooooooo what should I do?


That close I’d ride it out. You won’t be covered in seeds so should be OK. It happens and is the cost of growing sometimes.


I always try to use alcohol to clean my tent out it kills everything and evaporates all the way bleach leaves a residual that I don’t want my plant rubbing up on . Plus bleach bothers my lungs more than rubbing alcohol. Good luck on the nanners


Wish I could figure it out as far as “cause” haven’t done anything, changed anything, at least on purpose! They have been just finishing up (slowly maybe, I think due to lighting or lack of it) and boom hermie. Go figure. At least it didn’t happen 4 weeks ago.


Oldstoner, that’s a good idea! Isopropyl, Hmmmm what dilution do you use?


you could order hydrogen peroxide 30%water it down if you want to not use alcohol not sure if distilled viniger works if matters