Are these seeds okay to use?

Hi everyone…first time posting.
I’m currently growing White Widow & Critical Mass from clones. I re-cloned them for plants to use for pollen. I used the STS method. I pollinated on 5/17. Keeping my fingers X’d for decent seeds. My question is…the plants I used for pollen produced well but they also wound up producing quite a few seeds. I know the plant is off limits for consumption, but is it safe to grow the seeds from a plant treated with STS?

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Thought I’d add a pic of the garden for your viewing pleasure.


@noddykitty1 is a master farmer and cross breeder of strains. Maybe she’ll have an answer!

And also @repins12 too!!

Welcome to the community. Sorry I can’t help. Nice looking plants.

Genetically speaking the seeds are fine.
The process does not make seeds that produce anything but a new cannabis plant.
Don’t eat them though :nauseated_face:


Haha, thanks. For the cost of seeds today they’d be too valuable to eat…it would like slapping a small ribeye on a plate.

Those seeds will be just fine. I am about to venture into an S1 project myself from a Thug pug collab # 5 pheno. Was way too gassy & frosty to let go so easy.
Fingers crossed for ya! Hope you find some fire in your batch!


That’s a beautiful little bud…So frosty! Thanks for your help.

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Those seeds will be fine :+1:t4: :v:t4:

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