Are these ready yet?


I’m growing a strawberry Kush and blueberry auto flower.
Both are Indica and very close to harvest.
The Strawberry has been in flower for 9 weeks.
The blueberry autoflower is 98 days old since growing from seed.
Both are getting Amber Tricombs and I feel that they might be ready for harvest.
I read that most autoflowers are finished before 100 days.
I would appreciate everyone’s opinion whether they’re ready to chop.


The photos don’t really show the trichs, but if you’re seeing amber, it’s definitely time to harvest. I’d say, for indicas, 20% or less amber is best. That’s my personal preference b/c I don’t want couch lock…or to let my wonderful THC turn into too much CBN.


I agree with @blackthumbbetty

Check your trichs, surely you have a magnifying glass.
Look for something close to this and your ready.



I’m having a hard time getting clear pictures to post. I’m seeing a lot of Amber on the top but n

ot on the bottom of the buds.


Sugar leaves tend to amber before the buds. You want a shot of the bud.


Is this any better?


I see some clear, but mostly cloudy and no amber, so I’d say you still have maybe a week, possibly two.


Thank you👍