Are these ready to Harvest/How long should I wait to harvest

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You have a ways to go, based on the white pistles and and bud size I’d say 4 weeks minimum. Possibly longer. Be patient, it will pay off.


I agree. Quite a few weeks like said.
Good luck!


I am no expert. I think you are a few weeks off yet, the pistols are all white. Mix of brown and white is a good reference point

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Thank you!
Also note these are autoflowers. Idk if that means a quicker timeline or what.

Being autoflowers basically means they will start flowering regardless of light schedule. They won’t mature any faster once they start flowering. Assuming you are on your first grow, pay no attention to what the seed vendor says about flowering schedule. There’s a lot of variables that determine how fast any particular plant matures. Genetics is the main factor. Your ladies look good, just keep them healthy and the first indication of getting close will be the pistles will start to turn rust colored. Once that happens you’ll need to start checking trichomes. If you don’t have a jewelers loupe or a digital microscope you should consider getting one. When you harvest will be determined by trichome color. Depending on what effect you are wanting.

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Still at least 3 weeks and plenty more thickening up to do

Clear trichomes = not ready
milky trichomes = energetic head high
Amber trichomes = couch lock where did I leave my scalp high

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