Are these ready? I'm not sure

Is it normal for some of the fan leaves to start turning purple?

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A little purple usually not a problem this late in flower, most likely just fall colors especially if you are having cooler temperatures

So far I’m at a steady 73°and 73%humidity

Growing the same thing and urs looks much different than mine

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Wow, that’s crazy. Looks awesome!!!

Did you do LST?

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Finally got a good picture of trichomes on actual flower not the sugar leaves


Yes i did l.s.t but i kept my lights lower then i should have and i think thats why i have shorter plants but the buds are thinker then what i thought they would be and i still have atleast 4 weeks to go…next run im going to rise the lights alot higher and see what that does.i had the lights maby 12 inches above the plants until the tallest cola was almost touching the lights if it wasn’t for the amount of “wind” i have in thr tent they would probably be burnt…for my first grow ever im extremely happy with how things are going and its all organic i haven’t used any chemicals at all.

I feel like i had my lights WAY too far away lol, something I’m going to correct for my next grow. They had entirely too much stretch. First grow mistakes lol, also i decided to top mine, only because i completely forgot that i wanted to do LST. I was just excited to grow lol

So quick question, i know I’m probably like 2-3 weeks away so at what point do i start flushing?

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He @AJisabeast3 I don’t flush per say, I water with ph water last week or so to bring down ppm in the soil. I have not found a difference in smoke :+1:

So probably next week i can start doing that?

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Hey @AJisabeast3 yeah sounds like a plan, but wait for all those pistols to turn orange, if you harvest too soon you won’t be happy with the high. One of the hardest part waiting lol, but youll be rewarded :+1: Happy growing man

Is curing a necessity?

Absolutely. Curing is where most of the potency develops, the harshness of the smoke fades, and the flavor really has an opportunity to develop. Uncured bud is like wine you didn’t age at all.

Damn, OK then. I’m just ready to smoke lol

We all are :joy: hurry up and wait. I feel ya