Are these ready for harvest?

Do you all think these are ready for harvest?

They are now 97 days from seed.


Any way to get a close-up of the trichomes? Like really close?

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i can try to take a closer picture. give me a few minutes

@Matthew420 heres a closer pic


I’m talking like this…

You want, if you can, to check the trichomes for cloudy/amber. A jewelers look would work.


yeah i think i am going to go out and buy one right now. If i do see amber in tri’s should i give it a 24 hour dark period before chopping it down?


It is really up to you when to harvest.

Cloudy is more of a happy high and amber is more a couch lock high. That’s how I describe it anyway. I’m going to harvest around 50/50 I think (cloudy/amber). Once I see that, I’ll kill the lights for a day then harvest.


Daytime smoke (cloudy) and night time smoke (amber) is another way people describe the color effect.


i have 4 plants so i am going to try to get a variety. i would like to have a good mix of 50/50 but i need to get a loupe to see closer i guess. i have a 5x magnifying glass but its looking like they are mostly just cloudy at this point. i am just concerned because they are auto’s and i dont want them to go too long and me miss out on their peak since it is my first grow!


The way to go with pics may be the 65x microscope with LED that attaches to your phone. Less than 15 bucks.

To me there done looks very very good but @Matthew420 said get a close look

p>c with it.

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thanks @Brian091180 and @bryan i am going to give the one i think is ready another day then 24-36 hour dark period and then chop it.

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@pbs86 doing it the old school gorilla grow style way we used to determine ripening by the reds hairs, as you can see clearly your hairs are plenty reddish and orange which means now the plant is ready to harvest and THC resins trichomes is starting to decrease as plant pushes to final finish to reproduce. By looking at the bud you can clearly see she is covered in red hairs, and if the bottom of the buds looks about less it’s time :clock3:, so you can chop her now if you want, Here at ILGM support rather you know and not guess by using a Jewel’s loop to check at least 60x are you can switch your light schedule to 10\14 for at least one more week, are put her in complete darkness for 3 days 72 hours with no interruptions, but just to inform you the trichomes will ripen at least another 5-15% during the drying an hanging and curing process are you can cut a small popcorn bud do a quick dry and sample!



has you covered but i would like to offer some info here. Turning your light off for 24 hr’s will help in a big way i have done this and was amazed.



What differences did thid make?


Here is the reason

Trichomes are small appendages that look like hairs. They are produced by marijuana, and other plants. Female marijuana plants produce certain trichomes that are a rich source of THC. These trichomes can be found in their largest concentration on the buds. They start out clear, turn a milky color, then turn amber (light brown).

The trichomes in picture 1 are clear.

After the plant has flowered for a few weeks, the trichomes start to turn a milky color (picture 2).

After a few more weeks, they will be totally milky in color. In the later stages of flowering, trichomes will turn to a light brown color (picture 3).

The amount of time required to get to this point depends on the marijuana strain and the growing conditions.

In picture 2 you can see the stems have started to turn from a clear color to a milky translucent color. For maximum THC content and a more cerebral and energetic high, harvest your plants when a majority of the trichomes on the plants in your garden are a fully milky translucent color.

You can wait until most of the trichomes have started to turn amber, but the resulting marijuana will produce more of a sleepy body stone than it would if plants were harvested earlier. The trichome in picture 3 is about 90% amber, with just a trace of the milky translucent color it previously possessed.

After the trichome is fully amber in color, the THC starts to degrade. This makes it very important to harvest marijuana at the time before a majority of the trichomes have attained a total amber color. If not, the marijuana will not be as potent as it could have been.

On your first harvest, if you are having a hard time judging when to cut the plants down, a good rough guide as to when to harvest a plant is to wait until 50%-80% of the white pistils (hairs) have turned dark (usually brown or red) and about 10% of the trichomes start to turn amber.

Do not be in too much of a rush and harvest when you see the first amber trichome. It is normal for a small number of trichomes to mature several weeks prior to optimal harvest time. But when 10% or more of the trichomes are turning amber and 50%-80% of the white pistils (hairs) have turned dark, you should consider harvesting your plants.

Note that trichomes are too small to be seen properly with the human eye. To see them properly, use a pocket microscope rated at somewhere between 20x to 70x. The greatest concentration of trichomes can be found on the growing buds.


thanks @garrigan62 thats the best/most detailed description i have gotten yet. My next question is when i chop them down, i am planning on hanging them in my furnace room that has a consistent temp of 70 degrees and 40-50% humidity. Is that a good temp and humidity level to hang them and how long should i let them hang and dry?

That’s perfect make sure no ight gets in cause light degrades the thc level


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@garrigan62 nobody believes me when I say that and we both researched this to be true .