Are these ready for harvest. See pics

Novice grower. Are these ready to harvest ?


Same as yesterdays question. Several weeks left.
All those new white pistils will turn brown and die back.
The harvest widow is not a short narrow opportunity but a generous period once the buds mature. It happens slowly and last a number of days. The bud needs to look more like this…

Notice most of the pistils are brown and curled back up.


Thanks. This is a different plant though.


I think what @Spiney_norman is saying is what was said about the other plant look at this one and try to apply the info you learned to this one. I could be wrong just my thoughts. If you still don’t know or understand please ask then pal cause nobody wants a crappy harvest


Actually didn’t know it was a different plant. But I guess I’m just really trying to teach a man to fish. Ripeness takes two conditions present at the same time…

  1. All pistils brown and dying back - Might be a few random new ones though.
  2. Milky trichomes on the flowers, not sugar leaves, with your personal choice as to how much amber in those trichomes.

Its normal to worry at first about investing all the time to grow and messing up the harvest time. But honestly we just cant really tell from a picture if the trichomes are done. I have seen a few pics taken with a usb microscope that look good enough, but then with that level of enlargement the grower should be able to see them too.
@Mugsy78 I was the same way at first myself, I struggled to learn what to look for. But waiting was harder than actually seeing the condition of the buds.


An old school way is to check pistils. 80-100% brown and receding is the window. Checking trichs is more accurate but mostly brown pistils is harvestable. New whites that appear are sometimes from too much light at the end of cycle.


You see i hope to get to this point, honestly I’m very new here and i was struggling to find a way to post my own forums. I apologize if this isn’t how to do it but i need help.

2x3 Grow Tent(Ik weird tent 2 buy)
70/30 coco coir + perlite blend
Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro
Dyna-Gro Bloom
100 W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
4 inch inline fan + carbon filter

I’ve made many mistakes in trying to germinate and plant them and i would love some guidance. The way how i germinated them might of killed them before putting them in. I put two Autoflower seedlings in ph water for at least 17 hours and by the time i checked them, i seen both of them crack and open. But the problem was i put them onto a wet paper towel without the ziplock bag. I went out for more items i needed but when i got back i realized that it dried out. Couple of more hours later i planted them and gave them 60ml of Ph water mixed with 1/4th tsp of foliage pro and misted the top of the soil and humidity domes for day 1. it’s only been 3 days but im anxious that i messed them up. The last two days was misting the top and domes but i put 1 liter of the mixture around the planted seedlings cause I believed that the soil around it shouldn’t be as dry.

Should i stop being paranoid and leave them alone? Whats the best amount of water to be safe of overwatering or drying for the first couple of weeks. Am i doing this right?!

If you have the time, i would love your best opinion on what you would do with the materials i have currently? Please and thank you.

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@DOggyFArt , Welcome to the forum. Nobody will find fault with you here. Almost all of us killed our first seeds. I Killed 10 of my first 15. Too much love.
My process now is 24hrs in a water soak and then straight into damp soil. Cover with a clear cup to keep the soil from drying and wait till it pops, usually 2 or 3 days.
Paper towel is ok, but damp soil does the same thing. After 24 hrs in water most seeds will either sprout or not. Seeing it crack is cool, but some take a little longer, but the initial soak will have started the seed and if its gonna grow then leaving it in the water or a towel is not necessary. Others have differing methods but this works for me.
The less you mess with and touch a seed the better.
Once it breaks ground I remove the dome cover and leave it under 24 hours of light for a week. It helps to avoid stretching out the seedling. Low light even for a few hours and it will look like a spaghetti strand.
As far as your current seeds just keep waiting for a few more days. I have seen them take a week to pop out. If they dont then gently remove the soil and take a peek.
My guess is if they died it was the dry period in the paper towel.
In that case…
Welcome to the seed killer club. Its a great group with some notable growers. :grinning:


Thank you again for the help, i will leave them alone for now, if they perished then i will follow your steps. I’ll wear the seed killer title with pride :saluting_face:


You are limited on posts and thread starting for a short time. By tomorrow you should have full use of the forum. Thats done to prevent spambots from clogging up the forum.
On starting seeds be careful not to overwater them. That kills a lot of them too. For the first week or two the soil just need to be kept damp. A little water a couple inches away from the plant in a ring is plenty. Many of us start them in solo cups.

Cover keeps it damp. Inside cup is split to make transplanting easy like this…

Use another cup to form a hole and just pop in in. No stress


That is a genius idea that i have to do next time, if you don’t mind me asking but what kind of soil do you use? Perlite and coco coir i heard is really forgiving but would it benefit the plant if next time i mixed in worm castings or Mycorrhizae? Im gonna give these two until Sunday and if I don’t see any sprout then I’ll restart and use your methods.

I hope that the soil can be reused if they don’t even sprout, might shed a tear before pulling them out but at least im equipped with new info. Once again thank you and i will not forget your help today :pray:


I am not familiar with coco coir. I use a local organic soil and add more amendments and reuse.

I believe @Graysin and @Growingforothers both use coco and could provide advice.


Coco with added perlite just like you plan to use.
Fed with Jacks 321 nutrients I have good success.
Side by side


If you do use coco coir, mix just coco and perlite. Don’t use worm castings. You can use mycos and other beneficial bacterias, but don’t add unnecessary complication by adding organic nutrients to the mix. At that point you’ll be creating more problems than you’re solving.


Ain’t that the truth. I have tried to help a few who want to do this and its maddening trying to figure out what to do. What pH it needs is a total unknown.