Are these pre flowering?

Temps are around 75 and humidity is at 50

@SpaceCadet are they always wilty? If they stay wilted I’d think you may have root issues, possibly staying wet for too long.

No this is something I noticed after the last watering two days ago. Maybe I should let them dry out real well before watering again?

Also noticed the roots are starting to grow out of the bottom of my 5 gal fabric pots

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@SpaceCadet you need to put something under the fabric pots so that area can dry and the roots will air prune themselves. I’m definitely leaning that way now. Most use risers to lift them up out of the waste water in the saucers.

Ok cool I will get some risers and gets some are flowing under them. I just noticed that the other day when I watered I lifted the pots up and seen some roots poking out of the bottom

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@Fieldofdreams they are look like they are getting worse then yesterday. The one look really droppy today

@SpaceCadet yeah you need to dry them out. There are microbes for root health out there. Any thoughts on your part that you feel I’m missing?

No not that I can think of. One looks fine and this one is starting to scare me. I’m going to also change up the way my fans are set up and see if that helps. She looks so sad. What kinda of stuff can I give her for root health?

@SpaceCadet begire you buy anything let’s see if we can get some other opinions ok.

@Newt @Graysin would you fellas give your thoughts on this situation please. Cloth pots, no risers, no air pruning and since they’re staying so wet the roots have begun growing out the bottom. Wilt is steadily getting worse. I believe it’s root rot here and want yo recommend the proper microbial root repair but thought it’d be best to get a second opinion before recommending spending money.

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Ok will do. Thank you for you help. And I just seen you are in MD. I’m in Northern Va

@SpaceCadet Sweet!! I’m just over the Wilson Bridge in Charles County. My buddy’s ol’lady owns Shooters Sports Bar in Springfield, we go over some wknds.

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Hell yea that’s awesome. I’m in Loudoun County. I’ve been to shooters a few times

Sorry if it’s asked & answered but I’m gonna be lazy.

What’s the tent RH?

Medium? And when was last watering?

Most importantly, do you have a cheap desk fan, or stand/tower fan? And wire cooling racks for baking or the like?

Just saw this. So that’s not the temp/RH causing the issue. It’s something else. I’m going to venture a guess that it’s overwatering. I can say that with a fair bit of confidence.

Microbes will help but she’s still just going to drown if we don’t change up the routine.

@Graysin I figured they weren’t drying out with the roots protruding so I recommended risers and reduced watering. I was thinking about the root repair supplements I e read about on other threads.

Thanks for the feed back I’ve been giving her water every three days or so when I feel the pot is light and dry. Got some pot risers coming in tomorrow. I and running a 4 inch exhaust fan and two small dams to move air around the tent. The tent is a 4x2.

We’re all neighbors. Clarke county, VA.

Can’t tell if it may be root rot, but certainly look over watered. Do you have any under canopy airflow?


Yea I do have a fan down under and one up top. The pot feels super light and it’s been 3 days since last watering. The other plant in the same tent look fine so I’m really worried about this one. When I water should I watering until I see run off ?

Yep. Water to runoff every time.

Microbes help - Tribus is my microbe of choice, but Billions (TPS), Fish Shit, Recharge, Orca, and Great White are all great choices, too. Something to get into the root zone and help eat the bad bacteria that may be congregating in the root zone. I may let her dry out even one day longer - she doesn’t look droopy the way a thirsty plant tents to look.

This is the droop of an underwatered plant, Vs overwatered.

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