Are these plants worth saving?

I could sure use some advice. I grew these 2 jack herer feminized autos from Crop King seeds. One is 12 weeks, the other is 16.5 weeks. They still are not flowering. They just keep growing and growing. They were started each for 3 weeks under cfls and T8 grow lights before going outside. They were brought inside just for the picture.

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They will flower when the light goes to a 12/12 schedule. They both look ok.

I grew 2 other Jack Herer Autos in the ground. They worked out rather well I think. These may not be autos?

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If you’re growing strictly outdoors, they will start flowering when the light drops below 14hrs/day.

I hope so. As you can see my other plants are complete and not very big. All the seeds were from the same package, just grown differently for experimenting.

They look great! I would lean towards them being feminized photos, but I always come back to @HornHead 's 100 something day auto…so who knows? Lol

Regardless, you might try putting them in bigger pots, if possible, before they start flowering. That big, already, they’ll probably get root bound otherwise, I feel.

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