Are these plants ready to harvest

I got a pretty big garden going and I got two plants I think are ready to harvest because of the pistols turning red. Can you tell if they are ready. GHSC says @70 days its done.


Holy smokes thats a thick coating of frost. Unusual its almost all cloudy-white with little or no clear or amber. I never had one ripen like that but Id wait a few days to see a bit of amber trichomes

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Thanks! I put in some work in this one (20 plants). The general hydroponics line is great and cheap after I harvest I’ll upgrade to heavy 16 to try and do better. I figured it was early, because they are still fattening Im going to hit them hit dry koolbloom again and wait for amber trichomes. The strains are blue haze x Gelato 41 auto and Guava x Gelato 41 auto from greenhouse seed company.


I use their GH Floranova. Free, from a friend who wants to see me do well, good thing too cuz I think its expensive. He swears by it. It got a bigger list of minerals than the other GH line and some competitors too

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I would like to order some of that frosting!