Are these plants growing right? First time grower/poster

I’m growing outdoors in socal high desert. I’m using a fox farm ocean forest mix with some other soil. It’s soil used for a previous grow that my girls dad did and it was all that was available for me to use. I water every other day or when the soil looks dry. I attached an imgur link with pics and dates but I’ll also post the pics here. I was just lookin to see if they’re growing at a good pace compared to other plants or if there’s any problem with the one with the weird curved leaves.

Imgur link


Bumppppp. Anyone here?

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Everything is looking good my friend. The one with the funny leaves might have some membrane left on it. Using used soil is not ideal, just watch for any burning or anything like that.

And also

Thanks for the welcome. And i got a little bit of new soil, dug up the lil plants and put some of it where the plants growing and gave it a bit of water. I put the humidity domes back on it and im hoping when they recovers from any shock within the next few days they’ll start growing stronger

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Se to watching, cant wait to see what they do.

Welcome, looks great so far.

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You can’t compare your grow to anyone else’s. Now if you had the same exact set up, you could be in the same ball park. As seeds are unique. But looks like normal seedlings.

Some updates after adding some fresh soil.
Still no new leaves. Just the 2 true leaves on each one. The curled one is uncurling now