Are these outdoor flowering?

So I have inside and outdoor ladies. Both at day 72. Trying to get some education on my outdoor ladies. Do these white little hairs at tops mean they are beginning to flower?


@Renrut131 Yup…congrats you have a female that is starting to flower. Started in the last couple days. :+1:

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Yes. Flowering has begun. :+1:

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So I thought flowering was triggered by light. Is it not to early for them to start flowering? I was under the impression these would veg for another month or so. So if the amount of light per day where I’m at is flowering this plant I would not want to plant anymore plants outside correct? I thought I would have until mid July to get another one in the ground giving it about 60 days to mature until late September. Thank you to everyone for chiming in. This site has been an unbelievable help!

What do I do next. These are very sensitive at this point to light so no accidental back porch light or things like that I presume. How sensitive are they to hiccups of light?

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These are photos.

Sorry my bad!

Did they go from inside to out? Indoors, we give 18/6 to make sure they get maximum photosynthesis done. Outside, the sun is never at 18 hours of day. So some light sensitive plants will flip when they go outside (around 14~ most places right now, still not 12 but drastic enough)

No porchlights or streetlights. Unnecessary risk. A flash here and there SHOULDNT hurt but could. If u want a lights out pic, be sure to grab it just after lights out or before the come on. U dont want NIGHTLY light leaks. That will guarantee u a herm. The moon shines in nature. But again. We are playing god with these plants. Dont tempt fate :wink:


I grew them inside at 18/6 from 4/20-5/30. They’ve been in the ground for a month. Is it bad that they’ve flowered already? These white widows are over 4 and half feet tall. Think I’ll get a decent yield out of them? One is not near as full as the other one. Noticed the first pistils a couple days ago so should I hold on blooming nutes for about a week right?

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The one on the right looks like the winner here! Clone her and toss back inside on veg lol.

And its fine they are flowering if you’re cool with it. You should get very solid yields. :+1:t5: