Are these molds, if yes how is it poddible?

Are these molds , if yes how is it possible , my himidity is in range of 40-50 in vegging and sometimes ir goes below 30 , 1 or times temp. Went 21 , but thrm slso humidity wad in rsnge of 40-50

Bit mold but not sure exactly what I’m looking at. Looks like different issues in each photo.

WPM would rub off. Have you checked for bugs?

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I have also sprayed dome water on them, to see for carbon dust but they were there after watering ans there are also some orange spots on leaves


Are u using a ultrasonic humidifier with tap water or distilled water cause if ur using tap water it will shoot out a white powder because of the tap water otherwise im not sure if it is mold ,but more importantly do u have a good air flow in ur spots can be start of calcium def do you give cal/mag to ur plants

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Don’t look like mold or mildews. Appears to be big damage or from a fan moving the leaves around a bit possibly. I would def look over the plant top to bottom for bugs. Use a scope as some will be so small and hard to see even with a scope. Wpm and Downey mildews appear like a flour has been poured into the leaf kind of it’s white and looks like little ice crystals on the leaves kind of.

Big damage?

Are you seeing little white specs like this?

This showed up on mine yesterday and it was determined to be from the hard tap water i was running in my humidifier. I immediately switched to distilled water until my RO system gets here and it seems to have stopped.
Im very new to growing but as far as the orange spots I would have to say its a seperate issue from the white specs. Like stated, could need some Cal-Mag.

Brother i need around 30 -35 litres of water everydat snd i dont have RO installed

Yeah thats a lot. You may want to really look into RO

Whats your PPM out of the tap?

Looks like the start of calcium deficiency. Mold will rub off. I use filtered tap, not a full reverse osmosis. Some $20 RV/camper screw onto your hose filter works ok for me. Ive struggled with cal-mag endlessly though, and it looks more like that. There is a lot of conjecture over perfect PH, but if your feeding them cal-mag already i would try dialing this in to where they like it best between 5.5 and 6.5, i pretty much follow this chart and tweak it up or down depending on what i see.

Also note this chart is for hydroponics.