Are these Male?


This plant looks different from my other plants. Are they male? It was a Northern Light seed that fell out of a plant from the year before.


I’m by far no expert here , but from the plants that I have seen I’d say yes those are male pollen sacs. But wait for some more experienced growers to chime in and then kill it lol


Yes Male plant . Get rid of it before it pollinates your other plants .


Thanks guys, I took it out of the tent and put outside. If I cut off all the male parts, cut it way back, can it be saves?


I don’t believe so . Male is male and will only make pollen sacs


Male. Better get it gone asap or your gonna have some more seeds…


No it can’t @Bobbi, sorry, I hate when that happens


Just had to get rid of one myself. I put him in the compost pile lol! @Bobbi


what causes them to hermi?


Stress biggest thing…