Are these Male plants?

I was thinking Diatomaceous Earth or something, but I’m not sure. I did find an article that might help though:

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Thanks man!

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Sorry, they come from the sky. The caterpillars are larva of a moth that the mom laid eggs on your buds. When it hatch out, it will munch on your buds and poop. The poop feed the mold and cause the rot to spread. Then the caterpillar turns into moth and fly away leaving behind a pile of shit that keeps on feeding the mold and the rot keep spreading. To kill them close to harvest time like this, I’ll only use organic caterpillar killer. But first you have to pick the rotted buds out. Gently pull away the rotted part (some would fall off by itself) to expose the stem then cut that stem off. You might be able to same the unrotten buds left. Then spray with hydrogen peroxide diluted half strength with water. When you harvest the buds, do the peroxide wash to sterilize it. You do NOT want to get those mold into your body.

@Joebuddin I just had to deal with it. See my post Help, buds rot! to get the links @Myfriendis410 gave me to get those cat-killer spray

These nasty critters do a lot of damage! I had to chop my cola off and threw away over a pound of green buds!


Shoot, I knew that. BT is good for that, isn’t it?


I’m reading up on it. It seems like you have to use BT as soon as you spot it because it is effective only when it’s young. Once they get cose to maturity, they can bore holes in stems and nothing can touch them!


Hey cool avatar ! You going thru the metal detector?


Hey guys can anyone tell me what’s going on with these Girl Scout Cookies ladies I have. They seem to be sickly while everything else in the forest is doing fine. I have been seeing them degrade the past couple weeks but since I havent seen any mold or bugs I chopped it up to just a phase. But now I’m starting to worry. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Everything else is doing ok besides this two as you can see in the below pick. HELP WANTED!

They look a little overfed, to me. Are you testing your runoff?

Yep, metal detector :smile:

I think you may be right my friend. @elheffe702 do you think they can be saved this late into flower?

For sure! My vision is really fighting me today…can you post some closer shots of the colas? I’d like to get a look at the pistils. How long have they been flowering? Your final yield may have been hurt some, but I’ve seen much worse looking plants make it to provide good bud in the end. If there’s a little too much for them to eat in the soil, you might want to flush some of it out. That will also give you the opportunity to get your pH in line too, if it isn’t. The typical recommendation is 3x the volume of your container of pH adjusted water only, poured slowly through the soil to ‘rinse’ it out. Measure the TDS and pH of the runoff throughout to monitor how you’re progressing. I usually toss my TDS and pH meters in the pan under the plant I’m flushing. Then, as I pour the pH adjusted water in, I can measure what’s coming out, as I suck it off with my shop vac.