Are these Male plants?

That sounds more like you are looking at pistils instead of trichomes…

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No, @Myfriendis410 its red at 20% of the Tricombs. Mainly on the top coals though.

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If youre truly seeing 20% amber trichs on most? and thats where youre aiming… Your call. But like Merlin said, I can see them bulking a bit more…

A few at the top look good though, maybe a staggered harvest?


That’s what I was thinking. I’m going to give it 2 more weeks to be safe. The GSC has to go soon I can tell that the leaves are just about gone and was full of red amber tricombs. The staggered harvest is the only way I can go since I’m trimming all by my lonely.

Right!!! You can start harvesting in sections one plant at a time… You’ll finish around Halloween

More like mid November. The Bruce Banners pistles are snow white and growing fast. One of the plants is 8 ft. Tall.

Hi, please don’t mind me jumping in. Just got time to trim the old gal who revenged. I found these look kinda like the revegging buds I saw before. Just to be sure, I thought I ask you guys to take a look in case they are male flowers

Hope they are not a boy!

I’d be more concerned with the brown parts…looks like it might be bud rot. :worried:

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Yeah, they are. They wereleftover trimmed parts I couldn’t get to earlier because it was so dense. They are all off the plants now. I’m having a mild panic attack it they already fertilized all of my other girls!

I don’t think so. It looks female to me, just lost all her pistils there. Something odd, maybe start of foxtailing, maybe started to reveg, not sure. But looks female to me.

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Thanks, you don’t know how much headache you saved me! Yes, they were revegging and stuck at that point for months. They were covered by thick rot that I took off. I sprayed peroxide on them and thought they’d survive. Then I had be gone a lot with family stuff. They were on their own for almost two months altogether. So they were in pretty bad shape when I came back on Wed.

I’m not sure, but I don’t think seed pods grow trichomes like that. Logic tells me that once they’ve been pollinated, they’d stop trying to catch pollen.

The earlier revegged buds look like these too. I think they were changing cells from proto-buds to proto-leaves then puffed up to let the leaves grow. In the early buds I harvested and gave to a friend. He thought they were full of seeds because they puffed up like this but inside, it was all air! Someone who grew seeds might verify that.

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So many different ways to arrange cells.

Hey guys had a bad rain yesterday and they did a job on my trees. 3 of them were leaning all the way over and 2 had turned over. Went and got some pokes from wal mart to give them some support. For some strange reason I’ve been picking catipillers out the buds the past few days. I mean they have been eating good. Luckily I have been able to catch them early since I’ve been going to the location daily. @Mrcrabs, @merlin44, @BobbyDigital, @PurpNGold74, @Myfriendis410, @Gremmall Any ideas on how to rid my girls of these pest?

What do you think about this bud guys? Almost done going to give it another 2 weeks like you suggested though.


I would love to give you an answer but, being an indoor grower I don’t see caterpillars in my rooms.
I use Captain Jacks and hydrogen peroxide to get rid of thripes etc. seems to work well.

@merlin44 thanks my friend. They just came out of nowhere the past 2 weeks. My indoor grows had absolutely no pest. This outdoor is new to me and my first try at it.

They had to have crawled up the stalk or fallen from above, right? Sorry, thinking out loud…I would think you could treat the medium with something to kill them before the even get up on the plant? Just brainstorming.

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@elheffe702 any ideas for treatment on the soil?