Are these Male plants?

I brought these feminized white widow and girl scout cookies seeds from Growers Choice seed bank. I belive they are males. They have had absolutely no stress. Please help🤔

Showing lady parts.

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So they are female? I have 30 plants that’s been growing outdoors for 3 months, and none of them look like these 3. I see the 2 white pistles at the base of each plant on all but these 3.

Looks female could just be a mutation makes it look duffrent the pics are kinda blurry but looks like pistals

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Ok thanks why would they show pistles so early? I have a good 2 months left before flowering. I live in the deep southeast.

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That third photo looks kinda questionable. Hoping its just the blur. But the pistils are def lady parts.

Its possible u got a few autos instead of photos. But to be safe. When did you germinate them? Have they ever been inside under regular lighting? And what day did they go outside?

They’re just showing maturity pics are kinda blurry which is why I posted the others. Female plants will show pistols when they’re older. @PurpNGold74 I was just going to ask if they might be auto’s. Post pics one at a time so they’re clear when they’re zoomed in on.

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You need to edit out your personal information above.

Im willing to bet when inside they were under 18-6 hours. Then outside in March was more around 12,13 hours of light. Premature flip. But definitely watch out for them revegging. Our days in the south are getting longer

Yup pull that pic down. Nut cases round here


Those all definitely look like ladies. Pretty far into flower I’d say you may have some autos.

Thanks guys I was bout to put them in the trash! As far as the autos this was my first auto grow. Seems like it’s going to be a small yield but worth the price.

Quick question guys do you think it’s too late in the season to start from seed?

For outside? Nah you may have an ‘auto-like’ harvest (smaller) but you have loads of suntime left.

Im in Mississippi and i believe with the right strain and setup, we could grow year round in all honesty

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Ok thanks cause I have 20 Great White Shark seeds left from ILGM and I just dont have the space indoors for them. This is my first outdoor grow but I havent had any issues so far. It’s a patient game growing outdoors cause they veg forever. I’m use to the 90 day perpetual harvest.

Definitely. Outdoors we are at mother natures mercy… schedules and rain wise. How many do you have outside? And have u harvest/trimmed before? Dont set urself up to have :dizzy_face::see_no_evil::speak_no_evil: too much weed at once (trust me, trimming 10 plants in 4 days is a chore, 20? A headache)

I have 30 outside 4 of them are Gorilla Glue autos. The Cinderella 99’s are humongous. Trust it’s a all day job trimming and pruning them in this down south heat. Just had some bud rot that I had to cut off today on one of the autos but I caught it early.

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Watch that rot! It is a monster and spreads. Good call on the chop. And the humidity is just cranking up this year. Look into a natural organic herbicide and/or increasing airflow. Id have boxfans outdoors round here :joy::joy::joy:


Ive grown year round in south texas, they will do fine if you start them now, extend you vegg time an extra month and you can harvest at them end of November, keep them in pots so you can move them around incase of bad weather. After my sumner grow i stsrt my winter grow, since we hardly ever have temps undef 40 degrees


I know I had rot on my indoor grow before and damm near lost everything. The color from the LEDs distracted my inspection. Thought its was trichs but turned out to be mold. I’m growing in 10 gallon smart pots outside, but this watering everyday is becoming a real job. I like the smart pots though cause when it rains you dont have to worry about drainage. Any suggestions?


Setup up a few five gall buckets nearby to catch extra rain? :joy::joy: