Are these male/female plants?

Hello. I am new to this, please help. I bought White Widow Autoflower from ILGM. The plants are being grown indoors, with a 12/12 light/dark lighting (LED). They are about 4 ft tall. I think I and seeing seeds/balls and the female plants. I attached a few pics. Are these seeds/balls or is this were a bud grow from? This plant has a lot of buds also. Thank you!!!

I see pre-flowers for sure and you can see it wven though it’s blurry. Now the focused areas I will let someone else pip in.

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Hopefully this pic is less blurry, sorry. Also here’s a pic of the whole plant.

These are flowers.

These look like it will be a female but I will lwt others say. I only have all females.


Looks like all girl to me. :wink: