Are these little tiny birds toward the bottom really necessary

OK she is weak for flowering, nice buns at the top starting to really broke up. There is a several little tiny flowers all the way down the branches all the way down almost to the dirt. Should I be cutting those little bugs off so that more energy can be directed to the big ones? Or are they actually going to growEnough to make it worthwhile if I leave them?

The speak and spell doesn’t always print what you say. The above statement all of the three letter words that start with a BR bud, not bug her with any other stupid words it’s in there

Absolutely. You can remove all of the lower stuff. Freeze it in a plastic bag and you can add it in to your next batch of butter.


Thanks That’s an excellent idea I love my brownies!

little popcorn buds on lower branches will never turn into thick colas.

trim, dry and smoke…preliminary quality control testing…:wink:

The little ones are fine and dandy to use as you desire. Can save them up for extraction into olive oil or the like. I guess the little ones are pretty enough for A party, but not pretty enough for THE party i guess, and we all have fun! D

Oh yes I’m having a lot of fun growing my own shit, I am getting rather used to the edibles, brownies are great