Are these lights worth it or just cheap

Looking for a led light and tent for 500 or under any suggestions is this one any good?

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I will tag a couple of folks that may be able to help you get setup within your budget.
@dbrn32 @Covertgrower @Holmes
There are many others but this will get you started. Don’t rush to purchase until one or more of them chime in.

Asking these questions before making purchases is excellent. Will save you money in the long run.


No that is not the best use of your money, but I’ll let someone else advise you as to what is.


I’m sure that light is worth something, but i wouldn’t conclude that it’s a great light.

You have $500 to spend on light and tent, or $500 to spend total? There is a lot of additional equipment you will need to have good shot at being successful.


I was thinking the same thing @dbrn32.
Tent less than 100
Fan filter around 100
Humidifier/demidifer 50
Ph/ppm meter cheap set 50
So around 200 light budget
Keep in mind these are budget prices not top of the line.


I have 3 8 inch fans. I have a 6 of mh/hps 1000w 8 inch hydrofarm raptors 2 6 inch 600w ones ive never ran more them two 1000w at a time very expensive. I don’t think I need a filter smells not a worry unless it provides other benefits??? I manly want a good decent sized tent and cheaper light to run I’ve been looking at a conversion to switch my raptors to cmh any thoughts on a conversion? I have a room inside a barn/garage thats 11x11 but I’ve never been successful indoors i don’t know whats wrong? I’ll upload pictures of the room and equipment i have tomorrow. i kept it around 70-75 degrees and around 55-65% humidity so I don’t think that was the problem I’ve never grown hydro just in soil but I’m interested in learning. I really want to get a good indoor room I just don’t know how to setup it to be successful but affordable.

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500$ was just a number not a limit just don’t want to break the bank I’m not rushing to buy anything everythings got to be approved by the warden first lol my wife i could always save up


I bought a light from HLG and it offered sizzle as a payment, pays for the light and you make 4 payments in 2 week spans to repay, no interest as long a payment is on time. Let me upgrade front my Amazon blurple alot faster

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The light on the left is a Bestva 600 elite with COB epistar chips 132W
The one one the right is 120W King with epistar leds
In the center is 50W Kind Flower Bar.
All used to grow one auto in a 2x2 scrog.
The 2000 you are looking at says it will flower a 4.5 x 5’ area. That translates into 17W per square foot. For a blurple, 17 watts is not going to cut it. Double it and you will be close. So it depends on the coverage area. If you are looking at 3x3 or less you will be OK. A larger area you will need more blurples. In that case you may be further ahead looking at current quantum board technology.


@Ginger420 I recommend PLATINUMEGROWLIGHTS com because their lights are 9 Band with 3W bulbs that are perfect for this and don’t overheat and don’t produce too much heat for plants…
I hope that helps.

P.S. Watch the videos under each light where he compares to other brands…

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The platinum lights are very nice a little more to drop then I have do they have any financing options? I was looking at this with a 6 month financing plan

This is the room I’m working with and I have 6 of those lights 3 of those fans

I really want to turn this room around! I ran out of insulation for the last row but the wall thats not shown is insulated and the other two walls have rooms on the other side. i dont know if I should put a tent in there or line the walls with some type of film? I want cheaper lighting I know that. I’ve tried to get rid of my equipment but no-one wants it lol

I just growing personal for my dad and I. I don’t need a huge setup but I smoke a lot so I want to grow enough. I do an outdoor every year but this year was weird late bloom terrible weather so I didn’t get a good harvest. I want to get a indoor harvest before my next outdoor is in the ground. I have some autos i want to try so maybe a big enough setup for 2-4 flowering plants

@dbrn32 What do you think i should do with this room and is the hlg a good investment i could only afford one or should I put my time and money into making what I got work

We can definitely figure out your lights. I’m wondering what happened that your previous grows were unsuccessful? Seems like you have plenty of equipment anyway.

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Well if you got any ideas to help me be successful I’m all ears! I have no clue why but nothing comes out in there maybe the light isn’t focused enough on the plants with all the space idk

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They have vivosun brand bulbs on Amazon for 28$ are those okay or do I need to get the eye hortillux super hps for like almost 80$

There are some performance differences in bulbs, but a bulb alone isn’t going to make a lackluster grow into a great grow.

What I meant was, what exactly was the issue? Didn’t yield enough weight, buds were larfy, plants died, or what?

Your room is big, if you were only running 2 1000 watt lights may not have given you enough light to provide intensity needed. Or, your issue may not have been light related at all. Before you spend any money I would like to have a little better idea of what needs to be improved on.


So the reg seeds i grew from a breeder friend were awesome at the start but when flower came along it didn’t produce much at all and just larfy popcorn I made the best bubble I’ve made with that harvest it was green crack and a mystery strain.
The next grow I did was 5 white window autos not one plant produce over a half ounce of airy popcorn if you could even call it that. One plant wouldn’t even form buds really just the craziest looking nodes it yield just under 6 grams lol
The next grow was 6 blueberry autos they weren’t really taking off like I had hoped so they maybe spent 3 weeks after popping out of the dirt indoors then I moved them outdoors and they were amazing I got outdoor down pretty well if weather wasn’t a issue lol.
The next grow was a clone of Gelato/gdp/Obama cross i did outdoor that went into flower early so I put her indoor after maybe two days of flowering outdoors and I had her flower ten plus weeks and just the tiniest buds just air maybe yield a quarter of what I tried to trim and smoke but was a waste of time.
So my issue small yields even when I top and make wide plants the buds don’t really form properly.

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