Are these healthy plants

I Should have screened the plant. Thought it would be smaller. Not complaining other than I can’t train now. Gonna have to run with it

I am about to fry my WW… Fun times… I can only raise the lights about 6 more inches. Figured it would be this little 2 foot plant.

Haha. WWAs?

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Ummmm, yeah…:thinking:

6 weeks gotta go 12/12 now !


Looks awesome!!!

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I add Cal_Max to every feeding should I count these ppm’s with the nutrients ppm’s or keep them separate

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U can keep a rough count but its not as important. Ull know 250* (estimate) of ppm is calmag. But its still 250 more ppm. Follow me?

@raustin @Countryboyjvd1971 @MattyBear. Thats correct correct?

So you’re saying to ignore the extra 250

Yes, pretty much. The higher your water PPM is mostly calcium and magnesium, but there are other things in plain water too. I have iron in my tap water for example, and don’t forget fluoride.

Nope. It counts as part of your ppm. Ull never efficiently seperate the nutrients using however much ppm or not. But it gives a… frameshot of how much your girls are eating in general. That 250 ppm is the exact amount of cal mag ur using currently. So some of it will be eating. Some will salt up as buildup in your soil. U cant measure that. (Thats what flushing is for) But when you measure out, it will record it.

So short, the 250 ppm of ur 1100 ppm is cal mag. The other 850 is other stuff. But its still 1100 going in.

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Yes, ok, I misunderstood your statement. You’re right.

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Not u raustin. I think i misunderstoof answering his question. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: im a bit zooted.

Thanks for ur quick reply as usual :wink:


Ok, i’m a bit zooted myself. Lol

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I use RO water that probably ain’t going to make a difference either is it 250 ppm is 250 ppm’s no matter how you look at it right

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That is correct