Are these healthy plants

do these three week old White Willow look healthy

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Yup, I’m growing WWA but outdoors.

So they should be about that size for three to three and a half weeks old

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Because of the controlled environmental conditions, yours are actually bigger than mine at weeks_

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Are your WW photo or autoflowering? I am growing AF strain so mine will be naturally smaller.

Mine are autos what had me concerned was my leaves are drooping not like yours are reaching I have one outside to that the leaves are just about straight up any cure for this

How wet is your soil? Droopy leaves can be an indication of oversaturated soil.

They look healthy to me!! I am growing a WWA. Dropped seed on 14 July. This is her now.



@Mavrick, also…what is your PH level and are you feeding nutes?

This is the second day since I watered last stuck my finger in the dirt little moist but didn’t come back on my finger

PH level of 6.0 I’m up to 400 PPM nutrients


Everything sounds about right, @PurpNGold74, thoughts?

Room temperature 74 humidity 65

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Heck yea. They look beautiful to me. That is the pH and ppm of your runoff correct? If so just up her pH a few decimals. Maybe go in at 6.7-6.9 next time you water. The optimal range for growing in soil is 6.4-6.9.

And check the ppm of the water ur running into her. And she will continue to lower that 400 down as she eats

Did you answer about using nutes? Im actually discussing nute usage now with 2 great informative guys. And need to know this as well.

@Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster
Around 3 weeks. Indoor soil grow. How should ppms be looking around 3-4 weeks. Look at the pic above if possible

I would be feed in the range of 1200- 1500 ppm myself
What nutrients are they using

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Pretty small for 3 weeks. The right temperature and humidity means a lot. Good air circulation and exhaust means a lot also the plant will grow faster. 25 days old is this plant. Banana Kush.

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For comparison, White Widow at 4 weeks in DWC.

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Man that’s a nice plant I don’t know what I’m doing wrong room temperature 74 humidity 60

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Lighting is possibly the most valuable factor when growing. Excluding genetics of course. Superior lighting will allow more photosynthesis which in turn grows bigger leaves faster allowing more photosynthesis. Diff styles of light offer diff advantages.
Small LEDS (9-20 wall watts) can veg decently (not quickly) n will struggle to flower.
Blurple LEDs will veg n flower ur girl. Albeit not as well as some other lights. N her buds may come out fluffy n stringy (MAY).
Hps/mh bulbs truly grow great weed. Nuce solid nuggs. Good for veg n flower. However at the exchange of increased heat.
And the new kids on the block. COB, QB, and DIY (@dbrn32 styled) led strip builds. These are the future imho. They give off minimal heat. EXCELLENT par and lunebs numbers. Even better efficacy. All at lower wattage costs and relatively cheap. (Take a look around. Tons of members running them now)

Another huge factor is medium(n nutes). Hydro grows faster stronger n takes a more watchful eye n experienced hands. Soil n coco have their advantages but are a bit slower. However feeding is feeding. If she is being stuffed to her limits with proper nutes she’ll gain weight quicker then a young lady drinking pH’d water.

Environmental factors also affect speed of growth. During veg, they like humidity in the 60-75 range. Flower 30-40. The best temps are between 68-80. Optimally speaking of course. U can grow righteous weed outta those zones. But for the best fast growth look into each of these factors.