Are these harmful to the plant

It looks like it could be these

The soil was flooded with them! I poked the top of the soil and they started coming out like ants from an ant pile! Not really sure how they could get in my Clean indoor room . I started this from a seed and I don’t have clones or any outside plants

Mosquito bits will kill them. It’s a bacteria that’s in the bits that kills the larva. Just top
Dress and water in.


In addition to what @Covertgrower stated, a general rule is if they are slow they are bad, fast moving bugs are good. But those bugs are there for a reason :slight_smile:

I had root aphids and thrips, I learned they can get in from lots of places. Perhaps a dog, even if you are out in your vegetable garden they could hop on your clothes. Especially in summer, I am not thinking cleanliness being next to godliness is very true.

Finally, I did use Dr Zymes to spray foliage and root soak a plant. Seems to be helping. But I am now bought into IPM being crucial to a successful grow going forward.

Good luck


Ok cool! I have some still from the gnat battle lol I appreciate it

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Yeah I don’t know what happened! I noticed them yesterday and it was more than one LOL they could’ve hitched a ride from walking outside I guess. I’ve used neem oil and I’m using mosquito bits also right now since I have those two at my disposal. I appreciate your response:)