Are these Happy Kids?

Hey guys,
Just checking in, Does it look like the kids are happy ?


Happy and Healthy campers in there :love_you_gesture:


Every time I try to crank up the lights…I loose that dark green on the leaves. as you can see. but I am thinning them out anyway so the bottom buds get light…


Look very happy!!!


They look healthy. A little bit of a stretch maybe. I fight with stretching.

I trim away any leaves, new shoots and bud sites off of the bottom 1/3 of my plants. When I switch to flower, I start trimming up even higher. I have never got much growth or quality that low with them. My thought is to remove it so the plant doesn’t waste growth energy and nutes on under preforming sites.

Im not saying I’m correct or that it makes a difference… just what I do.

Yours look strong and happy!


Plants look nice and healthy @DurbanGirl! I think the lighter color may just be from vigorous growth, does the color darken on the new growth over a couple days?

Do you have a light meter? It can help take the guess work out of where to set your lights. If you have a smartphone you can get an app called Photone.


Personally I wouldn’t defoliate anymore. Those lower bud sites can get light. Defoliate when their bushy and those bud sites are blocked from getting any light and not during this stage of flowering :love_you_gesture:


I would agree with @NYDon on this one with cleaning up the underside. :love_you_gesture:


Yea they did stretch a bit huh ?.. All of them had a very rough beginning… bad dirt…
I did a major replant and they went crazy…at one point the tent looked like a jungle…
I’m keeping them bent under the nets…so far

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They look good! For a SCROG net to work it should have been about 8” above your pot and as she grows you tuck and weave those branches under the net and into a new square to create a nice even canopy for optimum light absorption :love_you_gesture:

I’m waiting for the lights…they’re all going to get trimmed up and under…
tonight they all get a good drink too… its been what…3-4 days…
Yes I do have a meter…they are set at like 50%…

My next crop will be different… this is my first grow…EVER…in or outdoor.

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You’re kill’n it! Wayyyyh better than mine :love_you_gesture:

rough start…alot of yellow leaves

Thanks everyone…appreciate it…


What medium and is it amended with nutrients? Looks hungry for nitrogen :love_you_gesture:

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Looks good nice and healthy

Yes, back then they were…starving of many things…
.up to and including the including the clueless caretaker…lol
Now they are in FFOF HF and about 20 % Coco mixed in

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The Meter say 1000 give or take at the top of the Canopy in both tents… the lights are set at about 50 %

I took these this morning…
The Durban Tent

The White Widow Tent

Both Tents read close to the same …